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Pop a cork, pour a flute full of Champagne & *CLINK & CHAT!* with your hosts! We are an international bubbly loving gaggle of gals spread across three countries (Australia, England & The United States), who came together through our mutual love of Champagne and twitter! We are known as "The Champagne Sisters"!
 We get together (virtually) over a glass (or three) of champagne, for "The Champagne Sisters Show", where we discuss our love for life, love, food and bubbles. We feature celebrity guests and people who live a "Champagne Life" by pursuing their passions and living effervescently! We engage our Champagne loving audience & are all about positivity & empowerment while lifting each other up! (of course, with a flute full of bubbly ;) *CLINK!* & join us, pop a bottle of Champagne, and fill up that flute!
Your International Hosts:
Kiron, OZ @ChampagneMemori
Every time Kiron pops a bottle of Champagne she has the most amazing time and creates another memory. (There is something about Champagne that perfects every occasion.) It was because of these times that she started to save the Champagne caps and write the event and date on the reverse side. As she became more involved in the atmosphere of the event, she started to wear the Champagne cage with the cap on her finger. This however, became dangerous and by the end of an occasion she would either scratch her head or almost poke out an eye. So she designed a line of jewelry called Wearing Memories to hold her Champagne caps. Now every time she pops another bottle of Champagne she writes on the cap, place it in her ring and wears her memory as it unfolds. Some people hear a pop when a Champagne bottle is opened. Kiron hears the sound of happiness! That is why we open The Champagne Sisters with the corking popping & exclaim "Ahhhhh, now that's the Sound of Happiness!"

Twitter: @ChampagneMemori @WearingMemories
Facebook: Wearing Memories

Mella, US @ChampagneChat 
Mella is our Executive Producer of the Bubbly Talk Radio Network, and one of the founding hosts of "The Champagne Sisters", where the international ladies interview celebrity guests and people who are living their passion!  She created "Clink, Chat & Catch Up!", a one on one interview with an inspirational person, talking about how they found and followed their passion.  She runs #champagnechat on twitter every Sunday at noon PT, tweeting about bubbly, brunch & offering *CLINKS!* to Champagne Sisters and Champagne MistersShe's a writer for The Bespoke Black Book Magazine, and She Owns It.
Mella's great love of the English language began her adventures in journalism, with a side passion for sales and marketing.  She segued into advertising, and her fascination for both people and Champagne propelled her flute first into event and party planning. Many soireés, fetes, and galas later, she's still popping corks, clinking and chatting her way through life.

She's thrilled to be a "Champagne Sister" & encourages everyone to join in & receive the bubbly support from all the ladies! *CLINK!*

Twitter: @ChampagneChat
Facebook: #ChampagneChat

  Charlotte, UK @LadyCofBespoke
  Lady Charlotte was born into a world of luxury; brought up in the treasure troves of the National Gallery, her passion for fine art led to working for Christies Auction House with affluent clients on the acquisition of private collections from Lowry to Lichtenstein. She is a self-confessed Francophile, with her signature tipple being champagne, and is rarely seen without a glass (or bottle). A great lover of haute cuisine, she's a known carnivore who enjoys nothing better than a rare steak but is  always keen to try something new and exotic. As an international Lady of mystery she jets from continent to continent sipping cocktails and, Pavoni’s in tow, refuses to travel anything but first class.  Charlotte founded and manages The Bespoke Black Book online magazine as International Editor-in-Chief and owns and runs a boutique PR firm Lady CPR.

Twitter: @LadyCofBespoke @LadyCPR @TheBespokeBook
Facebook: The Bespoke Black Book

Ro, US @TravelingFlute 

Ro's background is in International Business and Foreign Language allows her to sip in style and lavishly with her Champagne Sisters. She has bubbles in her blood and an unabashed appetite for all things savory, spicy and sinful. She is one Angelina that knows how to find the best Los Angeles has to offer. An avid world traveler, with flute in tow, she seeks out the best cuisine in each destination. Ro really does travel with a personal flute, which is why her motto is "have flute, will travel"!
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 ideas for what YOU want to hear us talk about, who is on your #guestwishlist? We want to know what makes you feel luxurious, & glamorous! Where do you like to swill your bubbly & what bubbly is your preferred brand? Where are your fave champagne brunch spots? How do you follow your passion? Tell, tell! We want to know! Now, raise your flute high & toast yourselves! We can’t wait to *CLINK! & CHAT!

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