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CLINK! Chat & Catch Up with Lora Ivanova @ScareLosAngeles!

We had a fabulous time catching up with Lora Ivanova -- the Founder and Executive Producer of ScareLA, the first convention dedicated to Halloween.

Since 2013 the summer hit event has been kicking off the SoCal scare season early to record breaking audiences. When Lora's love for Halloween collided with her trailblazer career in entertainment, marketing and events, she was inspired to create ScareLA. A deep background in theatre and performance art brings a touch of whimsy to this scare creator's darkest of nightmares.


Prior to that she worked on launching the highly successful immersive horror experience Haunted Play DELUSION to fame alongside its creator Jon Braver and co-producer Neil Patrick Harris as well as for HAuNTcon, the longest running U.S. haunter's convention, alongside Leonard Pickel, the Godfather of Haunting.

We have a great chat about how she found & followed her passions, her mentors, creating value, the evolution of ScareLA, our freinsdship with the wonderful Party Charlie, Eddie the Eagle, anti bullying, Elvira & more! 

FYI, Scare LA features:

100,000+ sq. ft. of Halloween mayhem in the middle of the SoCal summer
Curated collection of 200+ exhibitors showcasing scary goods, services & job opportunities
Celebrity and expert panels on the haunt business, horror entertainment and more
Sneak peaks and unveils of the top and most anticipated upcoming local haunts & theme parks
Performances by local horror themed theatre companies & musicians
Professional demos of makeup, set building, costume creation, animatronics
Hands-on workshops taught by top industry professionals for all skill levels & ages
Screening room to show over 75 original horror films, documentaries & shorts
Mini-haunts, interactive experiences, games, roaming monsters, costume party & more!
For more information, clink over to ScareLA

#CLINK, Chat & Catch Up w/ #LennyAndAdesa of #TheGrub!

We had a fantastic time getting to know Lenny Rosenberg & Adesa Swan!
  Their passion for what they do shines, and they have both clearly found their calling.  Adesa shares the story behind how she became a prolific designer, along with how the creativity in every aspect of life drives her. 
 Lenny @LennysDeliLA shares how the restaurant world was meant for him all along...
Together, this dynamic duo are here to tell us about their exciting new project, their TV show "The Grub"! It is a fun exploration with restaurants around the nation, learning about the owners and the history behind their businesses.  It is all about getting down to the grub!  
Their first profile is Sweet Lady Jane Bakery @SLJbakery
Then they visit the outgoing & one of a kind Ziggy Gruber of @KennyAndZiggys
They also share who inspires them, and tell us about a charity that is very special to them: 
 Get to know Lenny & Adesa -- we promise you'll find them as enchanting as we did! 

Monday May 9th at 9pm on JLTV! 
(Time Warner, channel 469, Direct TV, channel 366)
Connect with Lenny And Adesa:
Twitter: @LARSproduction
Instagram: @LarsProductions
FB: Lars Productions

Bubbly Holidays to All!

From our family to yours! Pop corks, create new memories & cherish your loved ones!

The Champagne Sisters on An Appealing Plan!

Have you met out friend Krayl Funch --> Author of AN APPEALING PLAN. Creator of seasonally inspired gatherings + recipes. Believer that friends, flowers + the right dishes make a meal taste better. Take a look around and get inspired to celebrate everyday! Krayl featured us in her blog recently...have a *CLINK!* below & see what we said...
If you have been around here for any amount of time you know how much I love a glass of bubbly. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – they are all perfect occasions to pop open a bottle and fill up your flute. However, I find that I have been in a rut lately and am simply grabbing a bottle of one of my go to labels rather than branching out and try new vintages, regions and styles. So what is a girl to do when you are stuck in a rut and heading into the holiday entertaining season?? Ask your friends of course!!
So that is exactly what I did! I reached out to 10 of my favorite Champagne Sisters for their take on Champagne selection tips, the best way to pair champagne and what champagne is currently their favorite bottle to open. I LOVED all their answers and I know you will to! So without further delay… let me introduce to you my Champagne Sisters!!

*CLINK!, Chat & Catch Up With @ChefAndre!

At last we have the opportunity to chat with Chef Andre Carthen! A bit about this amazing chef & inspirational man... Chef Andre Carthen a.k.a. the Fit Chef, is featured in Kathy Ireland’s book “Real Solutions Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity,” and Janet Jackson’s first book, NY Times #1 Best Seller “True You” where he contributed over 30 recipes for a healthy meal plan. Along with his long standing partnership with Kathy Ireland, having appeared in all seven of Kathy’s platinum fitness videos (which launched his passion for fitness), Andre has had the privilege of working with Janet Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Marilyn Mc Coo and others. He is passionate about food, fitness and charity -- always looking for ways to help and inspire others!


He shares how he found & followed his passion -- it all started with his mom -- cooking and learning from her passion in the kitchen...he STILL calls her to mentor him for recipe help!
We enjoyed learning more about him and listening as he spoke of his singing and dancing, stories of Thanksgiving, the adventures of the entertainment world!

Meeting his "angel" Kathy Ireland", and their inspiring story...and how they both believe in being of service to others.


Through their story and adventures together, he shares some amazing moments spent with the one and only Elizabeth Taylor. How she affected him, the way she made him & everyone feel that he was the only person in the room.

He shares his mantra: "Live Life Deliciously!!

He tell us about the exciting new products & partnerships that Kathy Ireland Worldwide is launching, such as Bayes Cleaners, AB Homeline, Nourison & our favorite... NuGene Skin Care!

We speak of charities that are very important to him, listen why & please support:

Feeding America

Dream Foundation

Stroke Recovery Center

Find #BubblyTalkRadio on iTunes!

Did you know? Yes, you can!  Special thanks to Bri Seeley :)
Bubbly Talk Radio is an international radio show featuring simultaneous hosts from 3 different countries: United States, United Kingdom and Australia. We get together (virtually) over a glass (or three) of champagne and discuss our love for life, love, food and bubbles. We feature celebrity guests and people who live a "Champagne Life" by pursuing their passions! Follow the co-hosts on Twitter @ChampagneChat, @TravelingFlute, @ChampagneMemori, @LadyLynham, @BriSeeley, @JillLHickey & @ClinkAndChat

The Flute Enthusiast Interviews @CindyVogels The Devoted Milliner

Our Champagne Sister & Bubbly Enthusiast Kiron, known on twitter as @ChampagneMemori interviews Cindy Vogels, AKA "The Devoted Milliner"!

 Lots of laughs are shared during the show...

An inspiring look at how Cindy became successful as she tells her story.

*CLINK!* Chat & Catch Up with @SimonMajumdar!

What a pleasure it is to share our chat with Simon Majumdar -- Food expert, author of Fed, White, and Blue: Finding America with My Fork, Eat My Globe and Eating for Britain: A Journey Into the Heart (and Belly) of the Nation, journalist, and a TV personality whose roles as judge on Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef has earned him the title of Food Network’s “toughest critic". 
 He shares how he found & followed his passion -- it is a fascinating story that starts with serendipity & a fate conspiracy beginning with life saving dahl!
He is generous, kind and so very well-spoken. We enjoyed learning more about him and listening as he spoke of his travels around the world, where he truly has embraced his mantra: "Go Everywhere, Eat Everything"!

He answers questions from social media -- thank you, fellow food friends: @Emily_Ellyn, @KraylFunch & @SandwichAmerica

Simon shares what he thinks is the common thread that weaves our meals together and describes the generosity of spirit he has continuously encountered.  
Folks always want to have him taste their jams, tomato sauce, spirits and more...he has a wonderful practice of paying it forward that you need to hear!  

He talks of becoming an American citizen & how that inspired his latest adventure  traveling the USA...
 What is his favorite bubbly? Of course, you KNOW we asked! What does he pair his fave with?  He describes some of the tastiest sandwiches he has devoured around the world. *stomach growling* Listen & find out :)

He also uses his platform of fame & attention to point the spotlight on Tyler's Hope for a Dystonia Cure as well as various charities supporting Autism.

Be sure to catch Simon all over the @FoodNetwork & see his extensive list of TV appearances & upcoming episodes by *CLINKING HERE!*

Connect with Simon & join his journeys!
Twitter: @SimonMajumdar
Instagram: @SimonMajumdar
Youtube: Simon Majumdar

Grab your copy of Simon's latest book! *CLINK HERE!*

A pleasure and an honour -- thank you Simon, for clinking and chatting with us...we have our sights set on a Langers #19 & a flute of bubbly STAT! A big *CLINK!* to Sybil -- we owe you a bottle of champagne & have the perfect one in mind for you to try together! Let us know when to send for a proper cork pop! :)

Independent #Champagne Ambassador: @TheTrufflelady!

Amanda Reboul unlocks the magic of champagne and gourmet food through a range of different events: bespoke tastings, master classes, tours of Champagne itself! Join her at to learn more!

*CLINK!* Chat & Catch Up with @KraylFunch!

We are thrilled to at last clink and chat with Krayl Funch! An accomplished home and event stylist, Krayl's passion for living well is evident in everything she touches & easily blends New England sophistication with Southern hospitality.

We yap about how she found & followed her passion for entertaining, how she made her book dream come alive, how social media has shaped her momentun, shout outs to some special people & projects, what is her fave champagne & more!

 Frequently drawing inspiration from nature and her travels, Krayl values well designed environments that allow us to connect with ourselves, others and our surroundings; some of her favorite projects include seasonally inspired entranceway design, creating a tablescape to linger over and detail oriented interior design.

*CLINK!* of congrats to Krayl for publishing her first full color book, An Appealing Plan: A Year of Everyday Celebrations. (remember, a book a year...;)

Filled with appealing images, seasonal inspiration and tempting recipes designed to encourage others to celebrate everyday and each season to its fullest, the book is a lifelong dream coming to reality, and encourages us to #CelebrateEveryday!

Since moving to Tampa Bay, Florida in 2009, Krayl has enjoyed a successful career in event planning and home design. She has worked as a fine gardener, an personal and corporate event stylist, a private seasonal designer and Bridal Director for Waterford Wedgwood, USA. Her seasonal living and entertaining pieces have appeared in Tampa Bay METRO Magazine, ABC News, eHow, Tableware Today, HFN, BUCKS Life Magazine, The St Petersburg Times, and her own YouTube Channel. She lives in Tampa with her husband and many sets of dishes.

Find us on twitter: @KraylFunch  @BubblyTalkRadio @ChampagneChat
Find us on facebook:  An Appealing Plan  #ChampagneChat BubblyTalkRadio

& keep looking for Krayl on Periscope!
*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* features an interview with an inspirational person who is following their passion and dreams, and the story behind how they did it! *cork popping* Our goal here at the Bubbly Talk Radio Network is to give the people that listen to us a platform to spread the word on their passions, because after all, that is what we're all about! Want to nominate YOUR Champagne Sister or Champagne Mister for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

Springtime & #Champagne Pairing!

One of our special guests coming up is @KraylFunch -- who is the author of An Appealing Plan and so we thought it would be fun to take one of her fabulous recipes & pair it with Champagne!
Spring Gathering :: Spring Pea & Mint Chilled Soup, Wild Caught Salmon + Oven Roasted Asparagus
A perfect pairing for this would be The Tendil et Lombardi Blanc de Blanc -- Fresh melon, pear, tangerine and mint on the nose, with a subtle chalky quality adding lift.  Juicy and fruit-driven, with vibrant citrus and melon flavors complemented by richer poached pear and fig notes.  Finishes with tangy minerality and very good spicy persistence.  This suave, seamless Champagne would make a great companion to Krayl's salmon & would be able to play nicely with the freshness of the peas & sweetness of mint, as well as stand up to the asparagus.

Stay tuned! We have more of Krayl's delicious recipes paired with champagne to share with you!

Decoding the Decanting: When, Why, and How to Decant Wine

To decant or not to decant? With apologies to Shakespeare, this is so often the question on the minds of wine lovers, for whom the time-honored practice of decanting a favorite bottle of wine can feel baffling and intimidating.
Although it may seem unnecessarily fancy and stuffy – or best left to professional sommeliers and serious collectors with hundreds of expensive bottles in their cellars – the ritual of decanting wine isn’t at all complicated or mysterious. It can be accomplished easily in the comfort of your own home, whenever the occasion arises.
  *CLINK!* to read the rest of the article!

Inspire And Influence with @HalElrod!

Today,  we welcome Hal Elrod to the show! Hal died at the age of 20. He was hit head on by a drunk driver at 70 mph, died for 6 minutes, broke 11 bones, suffered permanent brain damage, and was told he’d never walk again… Not only did Hal walk, he ran a 52-mile ultra-marathon, became a Hall of Fame business achiever, an international Keynote Speaker, and is the #1 Best-selling Author of what is being called One of the most life-changing books ever written: The Miracle Morning.
Hal defied the logic of doctors and the temptations to be a victim, and he bounced back to prove that ALL of us are capable of overcoming extraordinary adversity to create extraordinary results in our personal and professional lives.
Hal has appeared on dozens of TV and radio shows across the country, and he’s been featured in numerous books, including The Education of Millionaires, the all-time bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Cutting Edge Sales, The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales, Releasing the Chains, Living College Life In the Front Row, and The Author’s Guide To Building An Online Platform, to name a few.
His #1 bestselling book, The Miracle Morning and his highly acclaimed #6 bestseller, Taking Life Head On! are two of the most acclaimed books on Amazon with a combined 120+ 5-star reviews.


Inspire And Influence with Bri Seeley airs every Monday and features interviews with inspirational and influential women (and some men too!) to highlight the positive change they bring to our world.  Want to nominate YOUR inspirational person  for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

*CLINK!* Chat & Catch Up with @ThisAlexandria!

We were thrilled to get to know Alexandria! A native of Toronto, Canada, Alexandria is no stranger to the Canadian music scene. Grabbing the attention of and working with Canadian icon Dan Hill, Alexandria has had the opportunity to collaborate with talent such as Brandon Paddock - who previously worked with Avril Lavigne, Gavin Brown - award-winner producer, UK outfits Frequency and Ill Phil as well as Canadian artist/producer Songsbury and many more.
Alexandria’s music has been heard and seen on Canada's CP24 Morning Show, Daytime Toronto, RogersTV, OMNI TV & OMNI V-Mix, SiriusXM, CHRY 105.5 FM and Radio Humber 96.9 FM; as well as heard on America's 94.3 Party FM,  and more. (now including us!) Alexandria is cementing her place as one of Canada’s most promising up and coming stars. Her latest video  
is gaining much attention for the story, topic and emotion that Alexandria has brought to life with this vision, as well as the haunting words and stunning melody...
We had an amazing, lively talk with this ingenue --she is fun, incredibly deep, smart & sensitive -- her energy is palpable & translates right through... we touch on topics such as how she found & followed her passion for music to get where she is now --> headlining at Hugh's Room & next OPENING at Martha's Vineyard!! *squeal!*
 We chat about playing live & the mesmerizing power of connecting, engaging and resonating with the vibes from her crowd.  She shares her inspiration & also shouts out a charity charity close to her heart, that her family has supported for years: 
Covenant House
 *CLINK!* & have a listen at this gorgeous & soulful cover by Alexandria & Songsbury & be sure to discover more about this self starting, go-gettin', unconventional, extraordinarily talented & just plain COOL gal...get to know her, cuz you're gonna be hearing her name alllll over the world: Alexandria<-- learn how that came to be by following her blog!

We talked about her journey through yoga & the people she loves & has met through that medium who just SHOW UP! 
It is a great show & during the end there are a few spotty moments, but that is what happens when you are across the world from one another -- if you have any questions for Alexandria or us ASK -- by following @ThisAlexandria & @BubblyTalkRadio

Find us on twitter: @thisalexandria  @BubblyTalkRadio @ChampagneChat
Find us on facebook:  Alexandria Music  #ChampagneChat BubblyTalkRadio

*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* features an interview with an inspirational person who is following their passion and dreams, and the story behind how they did it! *cork popping* Our goal here at the Bubbly Talk Radio Network is to give the people that listen to us a platform to spread the word on their passions, because after all, that is what we're all about! Want to nominate YOUR Champagne Sister or Champagne Mister for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

Books & Bubbly w/ @StephanieJiroch featuring @DianaAntholis!

Meet our newest addition to Bubbly Talk Radio: Stephanie Jiroch!

Stephanie is the creator and founder of Flirt With Life, a premier coaching company dedicated to inspiring and empowering women around the world. An American living in Paris, she travels the world sharing her stories and life lessons to motivate women to start living their best lives now. Stephanie's love of books and the written word prompted her to start the Flirt With Life Book Club, a popular destination for women to share their favorite reads with one another. With a glass of bubbly in hand, each month Stephanie picks a featured book and interviews the author to help readers better understand the breadth and depth of the author's subject and writing process.

The first guest featured on Books & Bubbly will be Author of "Unleashed: Live the Balanced, Centered, and Sexy Life You Deserve" -->  Diana Antholis

Twitter: @stephaniejiroch
Facebook: Flirt With Life
Join Stephanie's newsletter for weekly tips + tricks to live a life you love! 
Lifestyle Coach + Founder of Flirt With Life
Empowering women to live their best lives now!

Inspire & Influence featuring @YellowBrickRunw!

Today's guest is fashion model, blogger, tech consultant with a physics degree, founder Yellow Brick Runway, enthusiastic fan of personal artistic expression and chasing dreams: Jacqueline Depaul!

Yellow Brick Runway chronicles the fashion and modeling collaboration projects of Jacqueline Depaul and her fellow fashion artists. Have a glance at Jacqueline's blog, we enjoyed The Anguished Bride Comes to Life
Inspire And Influence with Bri Seeley airs every Monday and features interviews with inspirational and influential women (and some men too!) to highlight the positive change they bring to our world.  Want to nominate YOUR inspirational person  for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

Inspire And Influence with @SeattleSPACE1!

Seattle SPACE offers free & low-cost support to single parents and needs help with operating costs! 

 Our Mission: 
Seattle SPACE holistically empowers single parents to meet, maintain and further enhance their familial goals for safety, support, stability and success by providing a continuum of individualized programs tailored to address their needs as they define them.

Our Vision:
Seattle SPACE envisions every single parent and their family thriving in the areas of home, interpersonal relationships, community, employment, education, emotional well-being, physical health and spirituality. 
Seattle  SPACE  became officially recognized as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization  in the summer of 2014. The idea for Seattle SPACE was conceived of and brought to fruition by single parent Founder & CEO, Chericka Ashmann, LICSW, MHP, CMHS, MSW. Through her work with children and families coupled with her own experience as a single parent who was also raised by her solo mom, she was able to identify a need for front-end services geared toward the unique needs of the single parent.  

During the recession Ms. Ashmann encountered a wide range of single parents who were victims of circumstance beyond their control such as a health crisis, loss of a job, death of a spouse/partner, discovery of special needs for their child, relocation, abuse, addiction or simply a lack of support and Ms. Ashmann was no different. Many of these parents began their journey as upper to middle class tax payers unable to access free community service programs due to falling just outside of income guidelines and wait lists. Unable to afford counseling services because they didn't meet sliding fee scale criteria many suffered in silence as their world began to crumble. Many, without previous social system experience, were not aware of public resources available to them which caused them to exhaust personal assets and or become victims of financial lending scams. Soon these parents found themselves in a downward spiral of financial and emotional crisis making it difficult to care for their children. In some cases, the stress these parents endured led to unintentional neglect or abuse and involvement with the state social service system. As the nation began to recover from the recession, single parents continue to struggle and remain at high risk for homelessness and unemployment. While in the trenches of single parenting herself, working with individuals just like herself, Ms. Ashmann saw a need for services unique to the single parent's plight with several preventative components in place as all of these scenarios can be prevented.

Whether parenting single by choice, following separation/divorce, death of a spouse/partner, deployment, or abandonment, no one can be "prepared" for the challenges of single parenting. Seattle SPACE welcomes ALL single parents and their families regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, income level, or whether primary custodial parent or not. 

Seattle SPACE founder and CEO, Chericka Ashmann, has a full-time job in addition to her work for Seattle SPACE and has provided free services since beginning work in 2013. Seattle SPACE currently has a wait list and Ms. Ashmann is ready to go FULL-TIME as the need is definitely there. Ms. Ashmann can no longer afford to pay out of pocket expenses for minimal operating costs such as office space, internet, phone, website fees, copy/fax/scanner and other misc. office supplies. She would also like to begin a yearly road running race as they are proven to be successful in growth and return. There are costs associated with this. Seattle SPACE hopes to far exceed our modest goal.  Your gift is supporting a great and much needed cause and is 100% tax deductible! Please share with your friends and challenge yourself to donate $10 or more for each single parent you know or have seen struggling and wanted to help. Thank you so much-please spread the word!

Donations can also be made securely through our webpage @ and at The Seattle Foundation page:

Inspire And Influence with Bri Seeley airs every Monday and features interviews with inspirational and influential women (and some men too!) to highlight the positive change they bring to our world.  Want to nominate YOUR inspirational person  for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

Wearing Memories Sponsoring the Late Mail Luncheon!

The 2nd annual 2015 Late Mail Luncheon® II is the must-attend event of the 2015 Brisbane Racing Carnival. Officially Endorsed by the Brisbane Racing Club,  the Late Mail Luncheon® brings together the best thoroughbred trainers from across Queensland and around Australia to preview the big Group 1 raceswith their hot tips.
This extraordinary 4-hour all-inclusive lunch attracts the A-List of racing, sport and entertainment. They try and pack in an outrageous number of activities and blend them into a sassy, out-of-control luncheon show that is best described as 'controlled chaos.
Friday 8 May 2015 @ Sofitel Brisbane Central
Commencing 12:00 Noon for 12:30 Sharp Start
Official After Party @ 3:35 PM by Invitation Only

Inspire And Influence with @Emily_Ellyn!

Bri is joined by our favorite (and probably EVERYONE'S!) the fun, vivacious, passionate, talented & #RETRORAD one Emily Ellyn! Here are a few bites of their convo to whet your appetite *FOODIE PUN!* for the show:

BRI: What inspired you to pursue a culinary career? EE: I love to eat!

Mmmm... talkin' first meal -- scrambled eggs, real butter, french toast... *drooooooool*

I'm a chef & I love cooking at home & one the road-you'll always find me in the kitchen!

Talking about the excitement of #CutthroatKitchen! #CHAMPION 

I love the idea of bringing people around the table." #needEEtalkshow 

Attracting good people & good experiences I can continually grow from...

I really love people, talking, learning, connecting to others.

2 foods for a deserted island?One answer was SPICES...*CLINK!* HERE for EE's article about spices for Edible Cleveland & you'll have to listen to the show for the 2nd essential food :)

*fainting w/ hunger* when EE describes her favorite sandwich...

EE book?! *flutes tapping with anticipation* 

Fact: gelato is healthier than ice cream... *snarf*  

Whoa. Tiramisu talk... *jaw on floor*

It was so neat learning the art and science behind #Gelato from !
BRI: You're making me hungry, I haven't had lunch yet! EE: I'm making myself hungry & I JUST had lunch! 

Check out Emily's RAD win on Cutthroat Kitchen: *CLINK!* HERE


Find us on twitter: @Emily_Ellyn @BubblyTalkRadio @BriSeeley
Find us on facebook:  

Emily Ellyn
Bri Seeley Designs
The Inspirational Woman Project
 Inspire And Influence with Bri Seeley airs every Monday and features interviews with inspirational and influential women (and some men too!) to highlight the positive change they bring to our world.  Want to nominate YOUR inspirational person  for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!