CLINK! Chat & Catch Up with Lora Ivanova @ScareLosAngeles!

We had a fabulous time catching up with Lora Ivanova -- the Founder and Executive Producer of ScareLA, the first convention dedicated to Halloween.

Since 2013 the summer hit event has been kicking off the SoCal scare season early to record breaking audiences. When Lora's love for Halloween collided with her trailblazer career in entertainment, marketing and events, she was inspired to create ScareLA. A deep background in theatre and performance art brings a touch of whimsy to this scare creator's darkest of nightmares.


Prior to that she worked on launching the highly successful immersive horror experience Haunted Play DELUSION to fame alongside its creator Jon Braver and co-producer Neil Patrick Harris as well as for HAuNTcon, the longest running U.S. haunter's convention, alongside Leonard Pickel, the Godfather of Haunting.

We have a great chat about how she found & followed her passions, her mentors, creating value, the evolution of ScareLA, our freinsdship with the wonderful Party Charlie, Eddie the Eagle, anti bullying, Elvira & more! 

FYI, Scare LA features:

100,000+ sq. ft. of Halloween mayhem in the middle of the SoCal summer
Curated collection of 200+ exhibitors showcasing scary goods, services & job opportunities
Celebrity and expert panels on the haunt business, horror entertainment and more
Sneak peaks and unveils of the top and most anticipated upcoming local haunts & theme parks
Performances by local horror themed theatre companies & musicians
Professional demos of makeup, set building, costume creation, animatronics
Hands-on workshops taught by top industry professionals for all skill levels & ages
Screening room to show over 75 original horror films, documentaries & shorts
Mini-haunts, interactive experiences, games, roaming monsters, costume party & more!
For more information, clink over to ScareLA