*CLINK!, Chat & Catch Up With @ChefAndre!

At last we have the opportunity to chat with Chef Andre Carthen! A bit about this amazing chef & inspirational man... Chef Andre Carthen a.k.a. the Fit Chef, is featured in Kathy Ireland’s book “Real Solutions Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity,” and Janet Jackson’s first book, NY Times #1 Best Seller “True You” where he contributed over 30 recipes for a healthy meal plan. Along with his long standing partnership with Kathy Ireland, having appeared in all seven of Kathy’s platinum fitness videos (which launched his passion for fitness), Andre has had the privilege of working with Janet Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Marilyn Mc Coo and others. He is passionate about food, fitness and charity -- always looking for ways to help and inspire others!


He shares how he found & followed his passion -- it all started with his mom -- cooking and learning from her passion in the kitchen...he STILL calls her to mentor him for recipe help!
We enjoyed learning more about him and listening as he spoke of his singing and dancing, stories of Thanksgiving, the adventures of the entertainment world!

Meeting his "angel" Kathy Ireland", and their inspiring story...and how they both believe in being of service to others.


Through their story and adventures together, he shares some amazing moments spent with the one and only Elizabeth Taylor. How she affected him, the way she made him & everyone feel that he was the only person in the room.

He shares his mantra: "Live Life Deliciously!!

He tell us about the exciting new products & partnerships that Kathy Ireland Worldwide is launching, such as Bayes Cleaners, AB Homeline, Nourison & our favorite... NuGene Skin Care!

We speak of charities that are very important to him, listen why & please support:

Feeding America

Dream Foundation

Stroke Recovery Center