*CLINK!* Chat & Catch Up with @SimonMajumdar!

What a pleasure it is to share our chat with Simon Majumdar -- Food expert, author of Fed, White, and Blue: Finding America with My Fork, Eat My Globe and Eating for Britain: A Journey Into the Heart (and Belly) of the Nation, journalist, and a TV personality whose roles as judge on Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef has earned him the title of Food Network’s “toughest critic". 
 He shares how he found & followed his passion -- it is a fascinating story that starts with serendipity & a fate conspiracy beginning with life saving dahl!
He is generous, kind and so very well-spoken. We enjoyed learning more about him and listening as he spoke of his travels around the world, where he truly has embraced his mantra: "Go Everywhere, Eat Everything"!

He answers questions from social media -- thank you, fellow food friends: @Emily_Ellyn, @KraylFunch & @SandwichAmerica

Simon shares what he thinks is the common thread that weaves our meals together and describes the generosity of spirit he has continuously encountered.  
Folks always want to have him taste their jams, tomato sauce, spirits and more...he has a wonderful practice of paying it forward that you need to hear!  

He talks of becoming an American citizen & how that inspired his latest adventure  traveling the USA...
 What is his favorite bubbly? Of course, you KNOW we asked! What does he pair his fave with?  He describes some of the tastiest sandwiches he has devoured around the world. *stomach growling* Listen & find out :)

He also uses his platform of fame & attention to point the spotlight on Tyler's Hope for a Dystonia Cure as well as various charities supporting Autism.

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A pleasure and an honour -- thank you Simon, for clinking and chatting with us...we have our sights set on a Langers #19 & a flute of bubbly STAT! A big *CLINK!* to Sybil -- we owe you a bottle of champagne & have the perfect one in mind for you to try together! Let us know when to send for a proper cork pop! :)