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We were thrilled to get to know Alexandria! A native of Toronto, Canada, Alexandria is no stranger to the Canadian music scene. Grabbing the attention of and working with Canadian icon Dan Hill, Alexandria has had the opportunity to collaborate with talent such as Brandon Paddock - who previously worked with Avril Lavigne, Gavin Brown - award-winner producer, UK outfits Frequency and Ill Phil as well as Canadian artist/producer Songsbury and many more.
Alexandria’s music has been heard and seen on Canada's CP24 Morning Show, Daytime Toronto, RogersTV, OMNI TV & OMNI V-Mix, SiriusXM, CHRY 105.5 FM and Radio Humber 96.9 FM; as well as heard on America's 94.3 Party FM,  and more. (now including us!) Alexandria is cementing her place as one of Canada’s most promising up and coming stars. Her latest video  
is gaining much attention for the story, topic and emotion that Alexandria has brought to life with this vision, as well as the haunting words and stunning melody...
We had an amazing, lively talk with this ingenue --she is fun, incredibly deep, smart & sensitive -- her energy is palpable & translates right through... we touch on topics such as how she found & followed her passion for music to get where she is now --> headlining at Hugh's Room & next OPENING at Martha's Vineyard!! *squeal!*
 We chat about playing live & the mesmerizing power of connecting, engaging and resonating with the vibes from her crowd.  She shares her inspiration & also shouts out a charity charity close to her heart, that her family has supported for years: 
Covenant House
 *CLINK!* & have a listen at this gorgeous & soulful cover by Alexandria & Songsbury & be sure to discover more about this self starting, go-gettin', unconventional, extraordinarily talented & just plain COOL gal...get to know her, cuz you're gonna be hearing her name alllll over the world: Alexandria<-- learn how that came to be by following her blog!

We talked about her journey through yoga & the people she loves & has met through that medium who just SHOW UP! 
It is a great show & during the end there are a few spotty moments, but that is what happens when you are across the world from one another -- if you have any questions for Alexandria or us ASK -- by following @ThisAlexandria & @BubblyTalkRadio

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