Inspire & Influence with @EileenSeeley!

Bri is joined by MAMA SEELEY!!!! The 2 of them have a great & in depth conversation talkin' business, entrepreneurial endeavors, history of Bri & well as:

Strong, kickass women persevering through adversity

Being honest, compassionate & BE NICE!

What I Love About Being A Mom

Exploring Our Ancestry: Royalty or Servants?

Letting go of your little bird...

What's your favorite sandwich?

Annnnnddddd... the exciting new adventure Mama Seeley is embarking upon!

Inspire And Influence with Bri Seeley airs every Monday and features interviews with inspirational and influential women (and some men too!) to highlight the positive change they bring to our world.  Want to nominate YOUR inspirational person  for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!