Inspire And Influence with @Emily_Ellyn!

Bri is joined by our favorite (and probably EVERYONE'S!) the fun, vivacious, passionate, talented & #RETRORAD one Emily Ellyn! Here are a few bites of their convo to whet your appetite *FOODIE PUN!* for the show:

BRI: What inspired you to pursue a culinary career? EE: I love to eat!

Mmmm... talkin' first meal -- scrambled eggs, real butter, french toast... *drooooooool*

I'm a chef & I love cooking at home & one the road-you'll always find me in the kitchen!

Talking about the excitement of #CutthroatKitchen! #CHAMPION 

I love the idea of bringing people around the table." #needEEtalkshow 

Attracting good people & good experiences I can continually grow from...

I really love people, talking, learning, connecting to others.

2 foods for a deserted island?One answer was SPICES...*CLINK!* HERE for EE's article about spices for Edible Cleveland & you'll have to listen to the show for the 2nd essential food :)

*fainting w/ hunger* when EE describes her favorite sandwich...

EE book?! *flutes tapping with anticipation* 

Fact: gelato is healthier than ice cream... *snarf*  

Whoa. Tiramisu talk... *jaw on floor*

It was so neat learning the art and science behind #Gelato from !
BRI: You're making me hungry, I haven't had lunch yet! EE: I'm making myself hungry & I JUST had lunch! 

Check out Emily's RAD win on Cutthroat Kitchen: *CLINK!* HERE


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