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We are thrilled to have Helenna Santos of Msinthebiz.com! Let me tell you a bit: 140+ contributing female bloggers with new posts every day!

Founded by actress/producer/writer Helenna Santos, Ms. In The Biz is the premium online destination for women in entertainment who are looking for a positive community that shares resources, imparts wisdom, and fosters success.

With the firm belief that we are all stronger together, and seeing a need for a collaborative community of like-minded women in entertainment, Helenna created Ms. In the Biz as a hub for the next generation of female Hollywood Power Players.

Ms. In The Biz. A home for growth, positive community, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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-> We talk about being a multi-hyphenate", the creating & self publishing of her book Thriving in Hollywood:
"Hollywood can seem like a tricky beast, but the more you know about its wily ways, the less intimidating it is, and the more fun its wild nature will be. "Thriving in Hollywood!" is a compilation of 25 pieces written by 21 different women in the entertainment industry from the first year of msinthebiz.com. Whether you are brand new to the business or an industry veteran, “Thriving in Hollywood!" will keep you motivated, inspired and arm you with knowledge." 

 Helenna shares with us how social media has had an impact on connecting with folks, how Ms. In The Biz came about, what advice she would give herself at 21, as well as her big launch party coming up! (sold out & with a waiting list!)

We talk about a really incredible charity close to her heart created by @HollyElissa that we want to support: Caleb's Hope <-- learn more!

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