3 Most Luxurious #Champagnes by @TheTruffleLady

When we think Valentine’s Day we think romance and luxury. Champagne is the perfect drink for Valentine’s Day – nothing speaks love like a beautiful bottle of Cupid’s own nectar. We set about finding the three most luxurious champagnes on the market so you can really impress your Valentine.

Champagne Vicomte de Ville de Goyet has a love story all of its own. It is the story of a descendant of wine makers who married into French nobility and started their own champagne house. They had a shared passion to create a luxurious champagne and give it all the pageantry and magic it deserves.
The fruit of their labour is “La Cuvée       Splendeur de Lys”. Produced according to traditional methods, the wine comes from Grand Cru and Premier Cru grapes from Rilly-la-Montagne in the heart of the Champagne vineyards.
However, it is the splendour of the champagne capsule (the plaque de muselet) that really sets it apart. Crafted by a goldsmith, this cap is a real work of art. It is gold plated, with an inlaid logo in blue enamel completed with an elegant swarovski crystal. It is finished off with a loop that allows this gem to be worn as a bracelet or pendant to remind you of the luxury and romance of the moment the drink was consumed.

 Amanda is a mother of three who, after her voyage of discovery to the great unknown, found herself married 2 years later to the French man sitting beside her on her original flight out of Australia. After spending 15 years in France and Japan as a corporate widow, she is now back in Australia, and runs a gourmet food and wine business, The Truffle Man. She regularly blogs about her life in France and her passion for champagne at her blog, Tasting the Stars (www.tasting-the-stars.com), and can be found on twitter (@thetrufflelady). Amanda was a finalist in the prestigious Vin de Champagne Awards in 2014. She is also our co-host on The Flute Enthusiast!