*CLINK, Chat & Catch Up!* with McCall Humes @MommaMcCall!

 On today’s show, we are thrilled to have chance to talk with McCall Humes!! Let's tell you a bit about her:

McCall Humes of the blog McCall of the Wild.com, where her tagline begins:

When was the last time you did something for the first time? 
This blog is all about doing just that. This blog is about the new things I am trying as part of a conscious decision to live an adventurous life. McCall is a blogger, a devoted mom & wife and is a SUPERSTAR on Pinterest, where she has amassed over 230,000 followers… 

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-> We talk about finding the adventures in life, about giving you time to be "YOU" and well as all the other roles of wife, mother, blogger...

McCall shares some of her adventures, (*CLINK!* out her list!) her favorite "first" as well as her most disappointing one!

She shares with us what advice she would give herself at 21, as well as how social media & especially Pinterest have played a role in her creative & entrepreneurial endeavors!

We talk about a really incredible charity close to her heart that we want to support: Sport Social <-- follow them! About them: we are a facility that teaches social skills to children with autism through instruction in action sports, team sports, and the arts using ABA methods. voteautism.com

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We got so into chatting, that we ran out of time, (which tells you this interview is a MUST-LISTEN!) Be sure to follow McCall's adventures and be inspired!
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