The #ChampagneSisters with @ErikAndMad

 Meet Erik Ireland Olson & Madeleine Meyer!
We had a great time, hearing the story of Erik & Mad finding & following their passion for music! Special thanks to Kathy Ireland for pointing them to us :)

Here is their story of how it happened:
In 2012 we began singing together and discovered that we had a similar passion for music. We decided to pursue our goals together and started out by playing music on the street in downtown Santa Barbara. As we received positive feedback from those listening, we gradually became more serious about creating and performing music together as a career. The process of finding our sound has been long, but we feel like we have finally found it. Our sound is best described as a mix of pop and soul. We have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people who have encouraged us and continue to push us towards reaching our goals. One of those goals was recording and releasing original music. On September 23rd we released our debut EP titled “E&M”. On the first day our EP charted at #73 in pop albums on iTunes. The EP has received positive feedback and our press release was shared by over 500 media outlets. We are excited to continue working hard and release our full length album next year. Thank you for supporting us.

We had a truly lovely chat across the world, between California & Australia! Pour a fluteful & enjoy!

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