Clink, Chat & Catch Up! w/ Karen Sands!

We are thrilled to *Clink & Chat!* with Karen Sands!!! Let's tell you a bit about her:

Karen, AKA The Everyday Futurist for the Ageless Generation is a Blogger, Journalist, Author, Coach, Mentor, Educator, Mother, Wife & so much more...

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Karen is consistently sought after by individuals, partnerships, and firms, because of her extensive background with high-level executives and entrepreneurs, as well as in applying systems-thinking approaches,she’s mastered the complexities and unique challenges of planning for the future.

True greatness is forged through change. We are called to align our passion, vision, and intention with action that leads to measurable, profitable, breakthrough results.

As a Professional Futurist, ICF-Certified Master Coach & Mentor, and CCE-Board Certified Coach, Karen believes the world is enriched when each of us answers the call to greatness and awakens our visionary within. As an Everyday Futurist, she use scientific, strategic, and intuitive forecasting skills and tools to help you capitalize on tomorrow’s trends today to achieve personal, professional, and global transformation at every age and stage while monetizing a future that matters. Karen is reshaping futures that matter across generations & we can’t wait to hear more!

-> We talk about women, entrepreneurs, teaching, the "Wounded learner", untapping potential in people of all ages and sexes, and being a "Thought Leader".  She shares how the most important questions to others are:  What are the possibilities? What would you do differently then you did last time? What's your story now? We talk about transformation, change, disengagement, uncertainty and perspective. Karen is such an advocate for women in business, and entrepreneurs in particular!  She lights up the air with her advice, engagement, teaching, transformation.  You'll love her voice & the wonderful advice she has to give us! You MUST listen!
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We got so into chatting, that we ran out of time, (which tells you this interview is a MUST-LISTEN!) So, here are some follow up questions that Karen has answered for us:

@ChampagneChat: Who inspires you?
@KarenSands: Marie Curie when I was a kid.
As an adult but most especially:
Marion Woodman, Jungian Author/teacher of women,
Peter Senge, Author/Change Agent,
Jim Collins, Good to Great
Bucky Fuller/futurist and extraordinary thinker

My dearest mentor, now deceased Dr.W.Edwards Deming, the Godfather of the Continuous Quality Improvement Movement
Peter Block on Leadership as Stewardship
Gloria Steinam,Hillary Clinton...
and all the women in my Visionaries Have Wrinkles book:)

@ChampagneChat: What is your mantro or motto?
@KarenSands: This is Temporary!
True Greatness is forged through change and crises!
All of my 52 Greatness Principles that I offer to all of you. More on these another time!:)

@ChampagneChat: What advice would you offer yourself when looking back to age 21?
@KarenSands: Believe in/follow what matters most!  Never lose sight of your own DNA encoded unique greatness...your reason for being here.  Always watch for messengers and right angle precessions. Speak the truth as fast as you can, even if not heard. Embrace change and crises. Always strive for your aspirational ageless future. Know its always okay to let go, and keep trusting yourself and the Universe to support you, just not always on your time clock.

@ChampagneChat: A special charity you support? 
@KarenSands: Alzheimers Assoc. (why is explained in the interview)

@ChampagneChat: Please share with us how social media is helping you reach & engage your audience?
@KarenSands:  Social Media is helping me to connect to folks I'd otherwise not be able to reach. Social media on its own isn't enough, but integrated into a whole strategic outreach does work to widen the circle. And to be patient, finding and growing your online tribe takes time. Also. its not about how many "followers" or "likes", its the quality or the level of resonance with who does like and follow that matters for sustainable engagement and sustainable success.

Find Karen's last book: "Visionaries have Wrinkles

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