The Champagne Sister Show w/ Cristina Ziliani @BerlucchiWine!

We were bubbling over with delight to have the opportunity to chat with Cristina Ziliani, one of the proud family members responsible for bringing the delicious Berlucchi Franciacorta to our flutes...let's tell you a bit about her:
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Cristina is part of the "first family" of Italian sparkling wine as her father, Franco Ziliani, was the original winemaker for company founder, Guido Berlucchi. In 1955, Franco made the first sparkling wine in the Franciacorta region and ultimately created the category of Franciacorta as the finest expression of Italian sparkling wine.
As Head of Communications and Public Relations, Cristina has been the voice for Berlucchi Franciacorta for the past 30 years – educating the world on how Franciacorta is Italy’s answer to Champagne.
Today Cristina leads the Company together with her brothers (Paolo and Arturo) and her still-active 82-year-old father Franco. Berlucchi Franciacorta currently produces a total of 4 million bottles per year, and is accredited as the first producer of DOCG Franciacorta bubbles.

We had a great time, hearing the story of Cristina growing up & she shares her memories of the harvest, her family & her experiences in the wine world.  We talk about social media & how a strong presence is so critical in today's market (they have over 34,000 facebook fans!) We talk about different pairings...yummmm...parma & she shares what she'd have have told herself at 21 :)  Also, as an FYI: the H in Berlucchi is silent! We had a truly lovely chat across the world, between California, Italy & Australia! Pour a fluteful & enjoy!

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