*CLINK, Chat & Catch Up!* with Beth Peterson @BethsTable!

We were giggling with glee to have the chance to *CLINK, Chat & Catch Up!* with Beth Peterson- The soul of an exuberant artist…The warmth of a laidback Midwesterner…The practicality of a busy mom...
  Home Entertaining Expert, Blogger, Mom of 3, Wife of 1, Friend to many & World Recipe Champion!

Beth tells us how her life has always involved entertaining, and how her family dynamic, plus her artistic temperament led her to explore her love for food.  Her unique opportunities to traverse the globe tasting food, experiencing new cultures and meeting lotsa people added to her desire to create events where people could come together, eat great food, enjoy each other, and leave feeling happy and hugged...
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Beth shares with us that food is "art for impatient people" (so true!), and that worry is a waste of time.(again, truth!) Her authentic, fun personality shines on the air, as well as in person.  We chat about how we met while she was trottin' 'round the country for CookOff Before Kickoff with Dr. BBQ...
the shenanigans she is plotting with her retro rad counterpart @Emily_Ellyn...
the adventures she has in store with @MapleLeafFarms & @MarianoMarkets,
her upcoming Chicago Gourmets event featuring Anne Willan, plus her epic series "Chef Unplugged", where Beth hosts one of her celebrity chefs. This next one features Ray Lampe A.K.A. Dr BBQ with a 5 course tour of the PorkChop!

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Beth gives a *CLINK!* to a charity that holds a special place in her heart, visit: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

And, stay tuned for the Yummie Nation experience that Beth will be bringing to *YOUR* table very soon...
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