The Champagne Sisters interview Rex Pickett!

We are so excited to chat with Rex Pickett!! 

Rex's greatest success came with his novel ​Sideways​, now adapted as a successful & sold out stage play, has also written numerous screenplays, books, scripts and movies.​​

​ ​​ He shares with us how he found & followed his passion, how the Sideways play came about, why he decided to name his novel "Sideways".  He tells us what he thinks of social media & connecting directly with his fans.  He gives some insight into the Hollywood world, about the commercial versus the art of writing novels & what to expect in the future from him.  He gives us details about his recent trip & explorations of Chile.

What would Rex tell himself looking back to 21 years old?  What is his Champagne recommendation for our #ChampagneSisters? Listen to all the answers & more!