*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Oumy Diaw @ChampagneSomm!


We *popped corks* with the Champagne Sommelier herself!  Can you imagine what we chatted about?! Ummmm, yeah, you guessed it --> CHAMPAGNE!!
A native of Senegal and Bordeaux, Oumy Diaw started at The Boulevard Haussmann of Paris as a Champagne buyer at the retail of The Galeries Lafayette and Sommelier, 100% dedicated to champagne for the department store’s fancy delis and restaurants in 2002. She then got spotted by Joseph Henriot himself, who invited her to become a brand manager in UK and West Coast USA.  Her love for the USA made her move to NYC where she continued to be an export brand manager and consultant for several Champagne Houses.
  In 2009, she decided to begin her own business “The Champagne Sommelier™” in order to not only define and pioneer a new and deep tasting protocol solely dedicated to Champagne and sparkling wine category, but also to officialized her trademark title and concept of “Champagne Sommelier™”, to elevate the category and encompass the requirements Champagne demands at any level in order to be understood, tasted and sold properly in the wine world.

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