A Guide: @TravelingFlute's Sparkling Wine & Champagne Pairing Ideas for Sushi & Seafood

Our very own @TravelingFlute was recently asked by a sushi restaurant what Champagnes & sparkling wines she would recommend to serve with their delicious, fresh offerings.  Here is her advice: 

Let's start with sparkling wine! The great thing about sparkling wine, as with Champagne, it pairs extremely well with grilled/robata like dishes and fresh seafood, such as a sashimi platter. 
Schramsberg (@Schramsberg) is a lovely family owned vineyard in Northern California that house a family of sparkling wine that ranges from dry to sweet.  I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and sampling their line of sparkling wines as well as their reserves.  I would suggest their Mirabelle sparkling wine as it pairs well with both grilled items and fresh seafood. 
    It’s not too sweet and will not overpower the fresh flavors of the fish and succulent shrimp.  It’s also a lovely companion with dumpling appetizers, spicy tuna rolls and seared tuna with avocado. The clean and subtle citrus notes of Mirabelle pays such a compliment to well prepared sushi.
Mumm Napa (@MummNapaWinery) is a vineyard in the Napa Valley that offers a beautiful sparkling wine Rosé, which would pair very well with sushi rolls and/or sashimi offerings.
  Mumm Napa recommends pairing their Rosé with a salmon roll or classic California roll sushi, and Ebi or Toro sashimi is delectable.

My last piece of advice is to be careful when choosing to serve other mass produced sparkling wine to customers. Many sparkling wines that are served out there and claim to be Champagne-like are beyond sweet and syrupy in both flavor and taste. These mass producers often cater to the weekend brunch crowd who can’t tell the difference between a decent glass of champagne for their breakfast mimosa. A cheap imitation sparkling wine is just a flute of sugar plus a headache that equals a non returning customer.

Now, let’s talk…CHAMPAAAAAAAAAAGNE! Champagne is just good for you! *cork popping*

Moet White Star (@MoetUSA) is delicious! Moet is a combination of citrus, sweet and dry. It pairs well with any dish! Moet is served at all the award shows during dinner. It’s just good Champagne that everyday people can afford to drink.
Crab legs and oysters on the half shell perfectly paired with Moet. I enjoyed the saltiness and freshness of the oysters with flutes of crisp, clean Moet White Star.
The Caviar Petrossian paired with a flute of Moet White Star was such a delightful and lovely treat to the palate!
 Veuve Clicquot (@VeuveClicquot) *insert harp and angels singing here* is a Champagne lover’s dream!  For clients who are celebrating a special occasion and looking to spend a few extra dollars, this is THEIR Champagne. 

A perfect flute of Veuve (or three) at Kerry Simon's LA Market paired so well with their grilled shrimp dish.

I personally stock the Brut, Cuvee and Rosé.  All 3, yes, all 3 are so good by themselves. But, if your customers ask which is better paired with sushi/sashimi, I recommend the Cuvee.  It’s citrusy, refreshing, light and will definitely please the diners.
Our #ChampagneMister @dcoopsd voiced his admiraton for the balance of Veuve's La Grande Dame with the light flavors of Hamachi Nigiri.
Tendil et Lombardi's (Tendil_Lombardi) Blanc de Noir Champagne was an exceptional pairing with Prunier Caviar canapes during a decadent dinner party hosted by our Champagne Sister Amanda @TheTruffleLady!
 Amanda & her family own The Truffle Man OZ, a business specializing in grower/small champagne brands & gourmet accoutrements. She also suggests Paul Dethune Blanc de Noir & Prunier caviar for a special picnic!
 Our friends @RuskisTavern shared this epic photo of one of their gorgeous pairings: Pommery Champagne & Ruski's house caviar...*swoon*
These are all simply suggestions, and the best thing about Champagne & sparkling wine, is that they taste delectable with so many food items, and really are so very versatile.  Have fun exploring the world of seafood, sushi & bubbly.  I promise, the journey will be an effervescent, tasty experience! *CLINK!* #FluteOnStandby
@TravelingFlute's background is in International Business and Foreign Language, which allows her to sip in style and lavishly with her Champagne Sisters. She has bubbles in her blood and an unabashed appetite for all things savory, spicy and sinful. She is one Angelina that knows how to find the best Los Angeles has to offer. An avid world traveler, with flute in tow, she seeks out the best cuisine in each destination. Ro really does travel with a personal flute, which is why her motto is "have flute, will travel"!