*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Retro Rad Emily Ellyn @Emily_Ellyn!

Today, we had such FUN getting to *CLINK!* & chat with Chef and culinary educator Emily Ellyn!!! Emily is the Home Economics teacher you’ve always wanted! She single handedly started the Retro Rad cooking movement by encouraging everyone to dig through their mom’s recipe box, dust off their pressure cookers and crock pots, and take the old and make it new. She takes the retro, remixes it, and makes it RAD.
With her quirky persona and trademark cat-eye glasses, Emily currently travels the world doing cooking demos, working with brands and product endorsements, lecturing or hosting special events, and doing consulting work – all while developing her Retro Rad culinary TV career and finishing her Ph.D. in Food Service Education. Through it all, she’s gained a loyal cult following. You’ve seen her on Food Network’s “Food Network Star,” “Cupcake Wars” and morning news shows across the country – as well as a cameo appearance on the “Simpsons!”
She shares how she found & followed her passion for cooking, being able to feed the world teaching peeps to cook & feed themselves. Emily feels blessed to be able to feed the world through their hearts, minds & stomachs! 

Just 12 years old, when she over heard the “adults’ talking about her second cousin who had gone to the Culinary Institute of America and it was perceived as THE BEST!!  So, right there and then she had her sights set on the CIA. 

Emily shares that teaching, consulting, & mentoring people is her goal, and wants to continue to cook on TV so she can touch a greater audience! The gift of being able to teach such a large audience on TV is not something she takes lightly! 

Emily tells us her mantra, what she would tell herself at 21, and regales us with an inspiring story of seeing a friend's donut shop come to life & now be a growing franchise! *CLINK!* of Congrats Kamal & Sublime Doughtnuts!

She inspires us by talking about a few of the charities she supports: 
She is Vice President of the Gourmet Soiree Committee that supports FL Hospitals’ Healthy 100 CampaignEvery year in May, the chefs in the community and Robert Irvine come together and throw a big event to raise money for an area of FL Hospital and this year it was for the children! Emily's prepared Hoisin Sliders. *CLINK!* for recipe! Stay tuned for next year's event, we will have it posted on our BTR Events page.

Emily, "It was super cool because Leesha, my friend and child that I walked down the Runway to Hope  with, was one of my sous chef at the Gourmet Soiree!  #RAD!!"
She is both #Retro & #Rad = #RetroRad (look these up on twitter & you'll get it ;) 

Emily's always had her 50's flair & she tells us the story of begging to be allowed to wear winged eyeliner, and picking out the 50's cat-eye glasses to her mother's horror. You must hear about the Poodle skirt...

We talk about social media's impact on her "brand", which is really herself, as her ways, clothes, thoughts, decisions, techiques, and retro rad self ARE her brand.

We talk about gardening, kale, chicken, natural food from farm to table, growing up on a farm and with an abundance of zucchini currently, we talk *DROOOOOOOL* zucchini bread... *CLINK!* HERE for recipe and zucchini lemon curd. *headsnap*
Ask her what's her fave thing to cook? --> "Ohhhhh man! Do I have to choose a favorite thing to cook or eat?!  Tooo mannnny options!!  And, when it comes to eating and cooking – never a dull moment – today I made spring rolls that I roll up with freshly scalloped scallops and shrimp from my neighbors, fresh veggies and spicy vinegar glass noodles.  My guilty pleasure at home is ice cream and I LOVE cold ribs or bbq for breakfast." *more drooling* 

We asked Emily what is next for her, so many things!  Have a *CLINK!* at her massive list of exciting events, projects & partnerships:

I am continually cooking up new projects!  I am already blessed for the things accomplished, seen and experienced!  I KNOW it is only getting better!

Today I am canning and preserving all this food from my garden!

Touring the country and going to all sorts of Food and Wine festivals and shows as a culinary educator.  Check www.EmilyEllyn.com -- I am in Chicago next and then Phoenix with my friends from Fetzer Wines!

Books like “Leave it to Cleaver”!

You will see me in a movie this fall “Fat, Dumb and Happy” 
  **I play myself cooking on my show on the Eating Channel and the main character in constant pursuit of happiness watches my show religiously for insights to finding happiness!

Working on a travel show with Rosen Hotels and Resorts…where I eat, cook and experience all the fun dining and spa services on their properties.

Finishing my PhD!

Teaching, cooking, eating, writing up recipes…

and...*trumpet sounding* she is going to be on the radio!  Actually, in Emily-speak, it is called the RAD-io! We are VERY excited to listen!

We cannot wait to follow along on her retro rad journey & see what is cooking next!!! And, don't forget the magic words...no it isn't "There's no place like home."...it is Zucchini Lemon Curd. *swoon*

Rad Regards, indeed!

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