*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville @DrDorothyCt

 Today, we had the honor to *CLINK!* & chat with Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville. Although traditionally trained, Dr. Dorothy's interest moved to integrative health care as she consistently recognized the impact the events in their lives had on her patients. Depending upon their spiritual beliefs, their view of the world, and their emotional health the physical impact, if any, would be positive or negative, and she pursues this understanding. Her latest book is

She tells us how she found her passion at a young age by being fascinated by who people were, and who they pretended to be...
She shared SO much with us in a short time, an incredible story of how "reframing what it means to love someone" changed patients with diagnosed fibromyalgia into folks living pain free & happy lives in her Dissertation – The Psycho/Spiritual Correlates of Physical Disorder: An Expansion of Research In Mind/Body Medicine.

Her story of being adopted, raised in the housing projects of So. Boston in a violent home and her attempts to move on are only the beginning of her inspiring story. With college not being an option, she applied but was refused admittance to nursing school because her high school was unaccredited, leading her to her third creative option of applying to become a Catholic nun only to be initially refused admittance because she was illegitimate. With profound faith, incredible humor, and an amazing love of life, she tells her story of eventually entering religious life, becoming an international airline stewardess, achieving her PhD, being named a Clinical Instructor in a medical school, writing 4 books, founding her own school, The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, with 2 & 4 year programs teaching physicians, nurses, and many others, having her children graduate from Georgetown and Cornell and then, as a slight change of pace, living on a Caribbean island for almost 10 years.

She advises to Be open! Be impressed! And above all, she stresses: ANYTHING is possible!  She certainly is proof of that.

Dr. Dorothy offered a special *cork pop* to Devyn's Charm:
Our Mission is simple. Devyn’s Charm, Inc. was founded to improve the financial and emotional well-being of military families whose children are experiencing extended hospital stays.
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