*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Adam Rubin @Saladshots!

We had a fabulous time meeting Adam Rubin, entrepreneur & creator of a new idea for a product that is about to takeover the salad world: Saladshots

 Adam brings a unique ability to “think outside the box”, along with business vision, leadership skills, storytelling capability and team-building acumen developed as an entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker. Most importantly he understands that life is really dull without FUN, especially when it comes to eating healthy. We talked about how he envisions bringing nutritious, healthy eating to make it fun for kids, who inspires him, how his steps professionally and creatively have led him to the now. We explore how traveling, education and art, plus a deep appreciation and love of food have led him to create Saladshots. He has *big things* coming in the pipeline and a grand vision of exciting goals to accomplish! We know he will do it, too! *CLINK!*

*CLINK!* HERE to listen! 

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*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!*
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