*CLINK!* Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Mavis Klein!

  Today, we had the pleasure of hearing some simply fascinating information from Mavis Klein, author of Talk Talk: Effective Communication in Everyday Life 

 A bit about Mavis:  she has been a psychotherapist for the past 35 years and a counselling astrologer for the past 30 years, specializing in couples' and parent-child relationships. She has made a number of contributions to the development of psychological theory, including an original theory of five basic personality types and their interactions in interpersonal relationships.

We talked about the 3 ego states that reside within all of us: parent, adult & child.  She shares insight with us about "Transactional Analysis" & the main components within it: that we are the 3 ego states, and we shift from one to another at any time, and also that we are ALL looking for "strokes" i.e. aknowledgement from other human beings throughout our entire lives.  So much information, so little time!  We truly found Mavis beyond interesting!  *CLINK!* & listen for yourself!

Find Mavis at her home, her site: Family Therapy London
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