*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* with Jason Elkin @JE_Uncorked!

You don’t grow up in the Napa Valley without being aware of what’s up in the wine industry! And that’s Jason Elkin’s story, born and raised among California’s finest vineyards. Considered by many today as one of the best award-winning filmmaker/producers for the wine industry, Jason’s combined gifts as a wine educator/entertainer/spokesperson remains just as intertwined in his personality as are the abundant grapevines of the Valley. 
 From an early age, Jason had a natural attraction to the visual and performing arts. Painting, singing, dancing became passions, and it was a California State School Scholarship in Dance that got him into Fresno State University at sixteen. By seventeen, he auditioned at the San Francisco Ballet and was selected from hundreds that auditioned. Almost simultaneously, he was hired as the youngest professional dancer/singer to perform in the Cast Revue aboard Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas. By twenty he had dance and choreography experience with Deborah Gibson, Tommy Tune, Gregory Hines, Savion Glover and Janet Jackson’s dance crew. Upon returning home, he continued to choreograph for Miss Teen and Miss California beauty pageants. 
Jason’s knowledge of wine, mated with his show-business knack for self-promotion and sales, that took him to jobs in nearly every arena of the wine and hospitality industry. This allowed him to form JTE Productions & Entertainment, a business centering to the education of vineyards and wines sales through video production. In addition to his own wine label, smart phone app’s and other products sold in over fourteen countries, his role as wine industry spokesman at various marketing companies and symposiums, Jason is also producing/hosting a multi-part series for television, sky television, Mobile content suppliers and Web distribution that combines wine education into an exciting and entertaining vehicle for wine enthusiasts everywhere! Stay tuned for his upcoming show: Uncorked!
We talk with Jason about growing up in the Napa Valley, how he found & followed his passion for wine & memorable wine experiences, and who inspires him in both the wine & the entertainment industries.  He tells us some delightful stories of how he came to be a choreographer for different pageants & top celebrities! (diamonds on tap shoes?!) He shares some fantastic advice: Respect Your Talents. Protect Your Passions. Ask Questions!

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