*Clink,Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Charlotte Chipperfield @TheWineKey

We Clink & Chat w/ Charlotte Chipperfield, the Founder and Wine Educator of The Wine Key!  Charlotte has over 10 years experience in the Wine Industry and Hospitality. She’s worked as a Cellar Rat, (Yep! That's a real job title), Tasting Room Manager, Sommelier and Wine Writer. Through these experiences, & seen a disconnect between wine knowledge and the enjoyment of wine. Charlotte seek to bridge the gap by removing the pretentiousness which only serves to intimidate.

She started The Wine Key because of her mission to remove the intimidation and trepidation of learning about wine by breaking down the barriers which mystify the world of wine.
When it comes down to it, wine is much more than a beverage. It has been enjoyed for thousands of years and transcends through history, culture, traditions, languages and food. It is a way of understanding where we came from, who we are and where we are going. Wine is a form of communication, expression and a source of utter enjoyment.

In her words:

Let me illustrate a story: You're sitting in a restaurant - wine list in hand - with a glazed expression scanning a list that feels foreign and unreadable. As you scan frantically for a recognizable varietal, a pretentious waiter demands which wine? Your stress levels instantly spike, and you automatically agree with your friend’s choice in glass. Yikes! Well, let me tell you this: We’ve all been there. Lost, overwhelmed, pressured. I’m here to eliminate that rush of emotions. Wine doesn’t need to be stressful (except for when the bottle empties!). I can assure that nothing here at The Wine Key will feel pretentious. In fact, it will feel like the exact opposite.
We talk about exactly that: demystifying wine.  Charlotte says "Eat what you like & drink what you like!". We chat about her upcoming classes & events, including a "Wine Relay Event" in partnership with Dogpatch Wineworks, her "Boozy Academy", her 1st ebook The Quick Sippy & 2nd upcoming book about *gasp* sparkling wine! And much more, *pop a cork* & enjoy with us, talkin' all things wine!
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