*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Carole, Sue & Kathy of Full Spirited Flavours @FullSpirited!

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We *Clink & Chat!* with all three sisters & Full Spirited Flavour creators Carole Algier, Sue Katein, & Kathy Lanyon! Let's tell you a bit about their passionate project:

For nearly thirty years, Carole, was a glass artist & ran a successful business Her work was featured in several magazines and on HGTV’s “Smart Design” show. Sisters Sue Katein a retired corporate manager & Kathy Lanyon, a Global IT manager were looking for the next phase of life. That’s when they had a heart-to-heart. As kids, their parents sold their house, bought a hotel and turned it into a restaurant and catering business; the hotel also served as the family’s home. Food was a central theme in their lives. So, too, was the understanding that each child had to find his/her own way in life.
Life goes by quickly and as three sisters with more than a century of experience, they knew it was time to realize their dream to build a business that they could work together, offering favorite recipes, while creating new and exciting ones for discriminating palates. By combining business and catering expertise, humor, and most importantly a love for baking, cooking and each other...they are Full Spirited Flavours! There is so much more you can find out about the ladies story by reading this FAB article from Victorious Woman Project.

--> We laugh & cackle together & the sisters share their recipes for success!  We talk about how each one brings value to the business: Carole is the artist & marketing expert, Sue is the baker & operations manager, and Kathy is the youngest (and smartest ;) & takes care of all the computer tech & details. They tell us why they DIDN'T take up Martha Stewart's offer, their mantras for success, HINT: Laugh often & Never accept "No".  And, they make a not-so-subtle overture to Kathie Lee & Hoda to taste test the goods...
A Special *CORK POP* to the "J's" = their loving, supportive trio of husbands!

*CLINK!* to Limoncello Restaurant, as their number one selling dessert is the Prosperity Limoncello Cake!

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