*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Stephanie Jiroch & Flirt with Life!

We clink and chat with Stephanie Jiroch, the founder and creator of Flirt With Life, a premier lifestyle coaching company! Let's tell you a bit about her:

As a women’s empowerment coach, she helps women all over the world use powerful language to create their dream life and awaken them to their full potential.

She is passionate about great health, fabulous relationships, inspirational writing, world travel, and living life to the fullest. She believes life is most enjoyed with a positive mindset and aim to never settle for just average.

Formally, she has received two degrees: a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Journalism. She's studied existential psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies and Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Medicine, and is a former volunteer at Planned Parenthood. Women’s healthcare – and sexual expression – is a big passion of hers.

In 2006, she completed a Yoga Alliance RYT200 approved residential yoga teacher training program located in the beautiful Byron Bay, Australia and have led a variety of breath, meditation and pre/post natal workshops around the world.

Through all these experiences and vast education, her philosophy boils down to this… 
The best way to live life is by flirting with it.
 Empower. Inspire. Play. Find your magic. Indulge. Be unfailingly fabulous. Find a place in Wonderland. Sparkle. Be the Fashionista. View your life through a lens. Let your story unfold.

--> We talk about her experiences & how death has shaped her exhilaration for living life, how to manifest & flourish, what she does & how she delights in lighting up her clients, her big move to Paris, "WHY NOT?", mediocrity, what the words "sparkle" & "headache!" mean to her, sextiquette & so much more!

*CLINK!* her next upcoming workshop below:

Master the Art of Manifesting: Using Language to Design Your Dream Life

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