*Clink, Chat And Catch Up!* w/ Isadora Bull @CupcakeBurlesq

On tonight’s show, we clink and chat with Isadora Bull! 
Why She Loves Burlesque: "My 9-5 life is very corporate but my soul is sparkly, glittered and wants to dance. Burlesque lets me be this very sexy alter ego of myself – and I get to wear killer costumes and heels while doing it."
*CLINK!* here to listen!
--> we talk about what makes her performances so much a part of her (a mix of theatre, cabaret, magic, feathers, glitter & YES, hula hoops!), how she chose her name "Isadora Bull", the background of burlesque & how humor, satire & fun play a huge part of the performances & more! 

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