BUBBLY NEWS ALERT: Wearing Memories!

 Exciting developments from our Champagne Sister Kiron!! Her Champagne Jewelry line is now being sold in Harrods!! *squeal* We capture the moment she found out this incredible news:
Every time @ChampagneMemori pops a bottle of Champagne she has the most amazing time and creates another memory. (There is something about Champagne that perfects every occasion.) It was because of these times that she started to save the Champagne caps and write the event and date on the reverse side. As she became more involved in the atmosphere of the event, she started to wear the Champagne cage with the cap on her finger. This became dangerous and by the end of an occasion she would either scratch her head or almost poke out an eye. 

So, she designed a line of jewelry called Wearing Memories to hold her Champagne caps. Now, every time she pops another bottle of Champagne, she writes the occasion on the cap, places it in her ring and wears her memory as it unfolds.  Some people hear a pop when a Champagne bottle is opened.  Kiron hears the sound of happiness! 

Usually, she is always interviewing others about their passion & stories...today she shares with us HER passion & where Wearing Memories is now being sold!!

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