The Perfect Cake...Has Liquor!

When planning a celebratory occasion, one needs two things: Champagne & CAKE! We looked long & searched hard to find the perfect partner in cakery.  Our guests have been there & eaten that.  We wanted to give them something they haven't had before.  Not the usual cake, cupcakes, treats...*borrrrrrring* ;)

So, imagine our absolute delight when we came across Sean--the "Cake Bartender" of Cake Buzz Liquor & Wine Custom Cakes!! 
  Cake Buzz is a unique cake company that combines Wine & Liqueurs with cakes. They make one-of-a-kind creations, simply by baking your favorite cocktail in a cake so you can have your cake and drink it too..

Sean's motto: "What’s your Drink?  Let me Cake it!" *swoon* Each cake is customized to your specific needs, hand-made to order. 

Their reviews on yelp speak for themselves: *CLINK HERE!* to see!
Cake & liquor in our dessert?! CAN. NOT. WAIT!  Thank you Cake Buzz & Sean for joining us on our epic adventure!

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