*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Yvonne Elmasri @PynkCelebrity

It all started here: “I was tired of the negative energy surrounding the current gossip sites” 

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  We clink & chat with Yvonne Elmasri, who you may better know as her alter ego, Mizz Pynk of Pynk Celebrity! We trade ideas about living your passion & she shares how following hers led to the creation of a positive & unusual celebrity news site that is always in the know, without the typical, negative, mean-spirited view.  Her site started with her passion for writing, a love of entertainment and a gap in the market of genuine, interesting celebrity coverage, free from a malicious standpoint.  She wasn't into commenting on the looks of celeb kids, zooming in on celebrity backsides to exclaim over sightings of cellulite, or "outing people" about their sexuality.  She instead is focused on publishing quality content that is current, fun, light hearted and frankly, addictive! Her passion has now grown into a brand with a dedicated team of 15!  *flute raised* Cheers, Yvonne to your success!



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 Fave quote: "Money is a good servant, but a bad master..."
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