Bring on the Wine!!

A resounding *CLINK!* of excitement to announce that our guests at the launch of Luxuria Lifestyle joined by Bubbly Talk Radio & Wearing Memories will have the incredible pleasure of sipping on BX Wines! Attendees have a choice of Ruby Cabernet, Come & Play Chardonnay (Unfiltered), or Que Sera Syrah! BX's special Ruby Cabernet is the ONLY 100% Ruby Cabernet in America! It is a unique, hybrid grape - the very rare love child of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignane that delivers the very best of both worlds. 
Let's tell you a bit about BX Wines:
 100 Cases Each. A one woman company.
Bex Bishop is a Napa Valley native with a global soul having studied, worked and traveled over 70 countries, while spending many years in New York City and Washington, DC as well as England, Australia, Romania, Ukraine, among others.  Now back to her roots in Napa Valley focused on boutique wine and luxury, with an environmentally conscience yet cosmopolitan influence, she aims to share the "best of" these multicultural and psychographically diverse lessons and inspirations through wine, media, entrepreneurship and marketing.

"BX of Napa" is founded on four values:
1. Healthy, Eco-conscious Living
2. Innovation and Discovery
3. Playfulness of life - Joie de vivre!
4. Luxury - Uncompromised Top Quality
 What that means is that BX of NAPA aims to bring you the highest quality, most natural, innovative energy of thought, product, delivery and story. Cheers!
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