Ohhhh, the corks we will pop with Champagne Tendil et Lombardi!!

We are incredibly excited that all 3 Champagne Sisters who usually interact via Australia, London & California, will have a chance to *pop a cork* in the same room & celebrate the endeavors that have brought us together!

Of course, a momentous occasion is nothing if there isn't Champagne!  We are proud to welcome our Champagne partner: Tendil et Lombardi!
Let's tell you a bit about them:

Tendil & Lombardi Champagne is the project of Laurent Tendil and Stéphane Lombardi, childhood friends from Lyon, France. Champagne lovers from early on, Tendil et Lombardi both left top management positions in multi-national companies when they made the leap towards what had been a dream for years, creating their own Champagne. After reaching an agreement in 2007 with a producer allowing them to use parcels and equipment in the Aube region. 
Lombardi explains “We both decided to chase down our dream, despite the economic climate and personal financial risks. We’ve had some very rough nights where I would call Tendil saying this project is hopeless, and he’d tell me that we’d be fine — some other nights he would call and I would be the one to reassure him.”

The road is still very long for these two entrepreneurs, nevertheless Tendil & Lombardi Champagnes are already sold in eight countries, and all six cuvees have been rated 90+ by Wine Spectator, not to mention the positive response from Wine Enthusiast, Stephen Tanzer and others.
Tendil & Lombardi’s six cuvees are mainly mono-varietal, either Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. Lombardi explains, “This choice allows us to produce Champagnes that respect the specificity and authenticity of these two noble Champagne grapes.” A highlight of the range is their “Rose de Saignee.”

Whereas most modern rose Champagnes are made by adding red wine, Tendil & Lombardi’s rose gets its enchanting pink color from the traditional method of leaving the juice in contact with the skins of the Pinot Noir. The only blended cuvee in the range is the Cuvee Hymenee.
 Tendil explains, “Hymenee is the ancient Greek word for perfect marriage, and we think that this cuvee is the perfect marriage between Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.” He might be correct, as this delightful blend of 50 percent Chardonnay and 50 percent Pinot Noir has recently been rated 92 Points by Wine Spectator. 

Meet their collection of Champagnes: *CLINK HERE!*
They also have been voted one of the best gifts to present your hosts at the next party: *CLINK HERE* to read!
Once again, we could NOT be more excited to share our celebration with Champagne Tendil et Lombardi & *CLINK!* their bubbles with our guests!

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