*Clink, Chat & Catch Up* w/ Crystal Chambers @BrokenHeart_Ent!

In her own words:
Having always wanting to be in entertainment, I shied away thinking I wasn’t the "type" that the entertainment industry was looking for, you know…ugly, muscular, and uncomfortable with my own skin. Expression was my core, so I did so through a long running stint as a club kid and radio personality at the ripe age of 17.

 Afterwards, I focused my energy into a professional cycling career, followed by a lengthy course in college studying writing and literature. Along the way creating opportunities to express my entertaining nature through conducting classes for women regarding cycling, using humor to get women to absorb the otherwise bland material associated with shopping and performing in a male dominated field. Ever the entrepreneur and poor-man’s philanthropist, I started a non-profit organization promoting cycling events and sponsoring a local cycling club.

The entertainment venue still had me at arms length as my fear of "letting loose" in public kept me from letting my sarcastic witty nature take root in public. My chance at expression came through writing magazine articles and columns for Herald de Paris for Jes Alexander who took a chance on letting my snark come through covering The Rachel Zoe Project, Millon Dollar Listing and (snore fest) Dancing With The Stars (really, where IS the drama?!). This eventually led to the first of its kind morning Twitter talk show where my snark balanced the more structured nature of my co-hosts.

Things were a little dry after that with the exception of some media work for a music company and promoter. I was preoccupied with personal issues that lead to a loooooong and convulsive divorce and custody battle; intermixed with a hard breakup from a (married) rapper. His has-been butt would have been a little easier to take had he told me he was already married before I bought a dress! (Adelle and I are now very well acquainted crooner buddies.) All of which drained me of anything funny, or snarky, and seemingly planted a permanent fixture in my posterior; creating instead an uber bizzatch bereft of smiles.

All joy seemed gone, but daaaaaamn did I look scintillating hot after losing 40 pounds from the heartache. My seamstress refit me 5 times and finally gave up trying to make the dress (the dress with no purpose at that point) fit. The dress has been repinned more than Fifty Shades of Gray links on Pinterest and remains sitting in her workroom staring at my seamstress like a Frankenstein reject.

Falling in love with a comedian out of New York during this past summer was an unexpected surprise. A man that made me laugh until my sides hurt, and to whom I was able to lend a friendly ear for his own sidewalk of life. Love is a vicious hunter and will target our unsuspecting booties like a sniper from a Ha-Ha Gotcha perch at 100 yards. Damn Love. But I found my laugh, my fire and my fight again.

He gave me the go-ahead I needed to hear from someone outside of my own head to face my public performance fears and had me singing karaoke on the sidewalk in Las Vegas and trying my hand at stand-up back in Salt Lake City. Stiff and read, the stand-up is coming along slowly, but the goal is there…limelight. Comedy has also allowed me to meet several wonderful people, one of which I am producing a TV pilot for; after finding my experience interning for ABC4 for two morning shows, past radio experience, PR experience, and sponsorship seeking experience as an athlete lent perfectly into becoming an executive producer. Being bossy helps too. I thank my mentor, Tony Toscano for giving me the push to get in front of the camera with some up-coming webisodes.

In the interim, the comic and I broke up. The cause for the break up was a catalyst for starting Broken Heart Entertainment, after witnessing what his "manager"/PR rep was not doing for him on even a basic level. Caring for him as much as I did, I would draw from my experience to create ways to help him and his career. The relationship a lost cause, my focus redirected on helping myself and friends in comedy. Broken Heart Entertainment was born from a broken heart to help those who have no team of their own, or in the case of my comedian, who have only someone causing more weight than elevation. So I created a machine for people to help themselves. From Broken Heart, pieces are drawn together to make artists, and me, stronger.

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