*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Tracy Guida @TracyGuida


Tonight on *Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* is Tracy Guida: writer, food blogger & owner of the tasty blogs: Eat, Drink & be Tracy and My Other City by the Bay.  Let's tell you a bit about her:

Tracy Guida is a San Francisco Bay Area native living in Tampa, Florida. Growing up, she was exposed to the restaurant industry at a very young age since her father was in the business and was passionate about cooking. She began working in a restaurant at age 16 and remained in the hospitality industry throughout high school, college and beyond. She discovered a love of bartending at age 21 and specializes in creating specialty cocktails.

Tracy moved to Tampa in the spring of 2003 and struggled with being homesick since her arrival. She found herself as a single mom and wanted to pursue her love of food and writing, so she decided to find a cure for her homesickness and began a quest to “fall in love with Florida” by blogging about restaurants and places that reminded her of her favorite spots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her blog, My Other City by the Bay, was the perfect outlet for her creativity and has led her to some amazing opportunities. Since beginning her blog, Tracy has gone on to write pieces for other Tampa Bay blogs & is now a regular contributor for VERTICAL.
Tracy currently works full time at a CPA firm and loves being a mom to her children, Rocco and Gianna. Her children are learning to bake and love being in the kitchen with their mom. Tracy is active in the Tampa community and volunteers for several organizations.

Never one to sit still, Tracy is working on her first book called The Lemon Drop Ladies and just launched a new blog called Eat, Drink and beTracy, which is an extension of her blog, My OtherCity by the Bay, in that she writes about restaurants, wineries, gourmet food companies and shops around the United States.

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