*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Cara Loper @LooseLidCreativ!


A bit about her in her own words:

I once had a client tell me I was "her new hero" after I gave her a little run-down on my (almost) 31 years here, so I'll give it to you, too. Want the long story shortened? Ok:  Born and raised in an Italian family in West Virginia. Packed up a van and moved to Chicago on my 18th birthday. Attended art school. Graduated. Got a SWEET job with Apple as a Creative Specialist. Chicago got too cold. Moved to Dallas for Apple as a Human Resources leader. Wanted to be super creative again. Was offered an AWESOME job with Classic BMW (still in Dallas) as the Marketing Coordinator. I got to drive my BMW Z4 really fast around a race track a few times. Met a pilot. Fell in love. He joined the Air Force, I joined him. . .in Oklahoma City. Did a LOT of freelance work between college and present time. Now, with all of the creative knowledge I have, I have opened my own creative services business to help you and your business get off the ground. I know my stuff. I'm a huge nerd. I love people. I love coffee. I love yoga. I love what life has to offer.  I get my cooking skills from my mother and my creativity from my father. And, I give back to the community--10% of the profits go to a charity of the month.

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