BUBBLY NEWS ALERT! from Lucy Deutsch @TheMiraclebyLD

In Lucy Deutsch's own words: "I am one of our last living survivors of the Holocaust. I am also a veteran novelist, poet, screenwriter, songwriter and playwright. I was 14 years old when I encountered that infamous creature, Dr. Mengele. I was the only child in my barrack in Auschwitz, where I had to learn early to fend for my life.


I am now 82, and my life's last and greatest dream is to see my unique tale produced on stage as a musical, the way it was truly meant to be told.  For an old woman, I hope my creative drive and determination can be an inspiration to others.  For the past few years, I have crafted my autobiography under the title "No Time to Weep".  I wrote 25 original, beautiful songs.  I moved forward and produced the musical myself, hiring the director, the cast, the musicians and all of the technicians out of my own pocket.  I have done everything I could with my resources. 

In the months since the play, I continued to pour my heart out tirelessly on the page, tightening the revisions of "No Time to Weep", under the original intended title, "The Miracle".  A story of the Holocaust unlike any we've seen before, that is as prevalent and poignant as the greatest stories of perseverance, and is one that needs to be told now more than ever  I want more than anything, to see my dreams come to fruition.  

As one of the last living survivors, I know there is not much time.  I feel this weight more than ever, to see my story prevail from my heart to the stage."

--> We talk about hope, compassion, Lucy's favorite Champagne memory, how she views the world, her many writings & more.  A MUST listen, she's an inspiration for us all!
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