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Join Our #Moroccan Adventure at @BerbereWorld Imports!

*corks popping* We are ELATED to announce our Los Angeles @WearingMemories Launch event April 12th, 2014!!

Please join Suad & Zaid of Berbere World Imports & The Champagne Sisters 
Clink And Chat Social Media Management, D'Scoop's The Twenty Six Luxury Design Journal, Bubbly Talk Radio Network & featuring Moroccan WineCakeBuzz Liquor Cakes & Gaby's Mediterranean!

To attend, please RSVP to
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Clink, Chat & Catch Up! w/ Karen Sands!

On today’s show, we are thrilled to have chance to talk with Karen Sands!!! Let's tell you a bit about her:

Karen, AKA The Everyday Futurist for the Ageless Generation is a Blogger, Journalist, Author, Coach, Mentor, Educator, Mother, Wife & so much more...

 *CLINK!* HERE to listen!
Karen is consistently sought after by individuals, partnerships, and firms, because of her extensive background with high-level executives and entrepreneurs, as well as in applying systems-thinking approaches,she’s mastered the complexities and unique challenges of planning for the future.

True greatness is forged through change. We are called to align our passion, vision, and intention with action that leads to measurable, profitable, breakthrough results.

As a Professional Futurist, ICF-Certified Master Coach & Mentor, and CCE-Board Certified Coach, Karen believes the world is enriched when each of us answers the call to greatness and awakens our visionary within. As an Everyday Futurist, she use scientific, strategic, and intuitive forecasting skills and tools to help you capitalize on tomorrow’s trends today to achieve personal, professional, and global transformation at every age and stage while monetizing a future that matters. Karen is reshaping futures that matter across generations & we can’t wait to hear more!

-> We talk about women, entrepreneurs, teaching, the "Wounded learner", untapping potential in people of all ages and sexes, and being a "Thought Leader".  She shares how the most important questions to others are:  What are the possibilities? What would you do differently then you did last time? What's your story now? We talk about transformation, change, disengagement, uncertainty and perspective. Karen is such an advocate for women in business, and entrepreneurs in particular!  She lights up the air with her advice, engagement, teaching, transformation.  You'll love her voice & the wonderful advice she has to give us! You MUST listen!
 *CLINK!* HERE to listen!

We got so into chatting, that we ran out of time, (which tells you this interview is a MUST-LISTEN!) So, here are some follow up questions that Karen has answered for us:

@ChampagneChat: Who inspires you?
@KarenSands: Marie Curie when I was a kid.
As an adult but most especially:
Marion Woodman, Jungian Author/teacher of women,
Peter Senge, Author/Change Agent,
Jim Collins, Good to Great
Bucky Fuller/futurist and extraordinary thinker

My dearest mentor, now deceased Dr.W.Edwards Deming, the Godfather of the Continuous Quality Improvement Movement
Peter Block on Leadership as Stewardship
Gloria Steinam,Hillary Clinton...
and all the women in my Visionaries Have Wrinkles book:)

@ChampagneChat: What is your mantro or motto?
@KarenSands: This is Temporary!
True Greatness is forged through change and crises!
All of my 52 Greatness Principles that I offer to all of you. More on these another time!:)

@ChampagneChat: What advice would you offer yourself when looking back to age 21?
@KarenSands: Believe in/follow what matters most!  Never lose sight of your own DNA encoded unique greatness...your reason for being here.  Always watch for messengers and right angle precessions. Speak the truth as fast as you can, even if not heard. Embrace change and crises. Always strive for your aspirational ageless future. Know its always okay to let go, and keep trusting yourself and the Universe to support you, just not always on your time clock.

@ChampagneChat: A special charity you support? 
@KarenSands: Alzheimers Assoc. (why is explained in the interview)

@ChampagneChat: Please share with us how social media is helping you reach & engage your audience?
@KarenSands:  Social Media is helping me to connect to folks I'd otherwise not be able to reach. Social media on its own isn't enough, but integrated into a whole strategic outreach does work to widen the circle. And to be patient, finding and growing your online tribe takes time. Also. its not about how many "followers" or "likes", its the quality or the level of resonance with who does like and follow that matters for sustainable engagement and sustainable success.

Find Karen's last book: "Visionaries have Wrinkles"

*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* airs every Wednesday and features an interview with an inspirational person who is following their passion and dreams, and the story behind how they did it! *cork popping* Our goal here at the Bubbly Talk Radio Network is to give the people that listen to us a platform to spread the word on their passions, because after all, that is what we're all about! Want to nominate YOUR Champagne Sister or Champagne Mister for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sharing Your Fave #Champagne Memory w/ @WearingMemories

Recently, our Champagne Sister @Champagnememori hosted a contest asking folks for their favorite Champagne memory.  The winner received a special hand crafted piece of Wearing Memories jewelry.  The repsonses were varied, sweet, heartbreaking and happy, all at once.  People have so many reasons for popping a cork!  Here are some of the responses to share with our viewers. Please feel free to add *your* fave Champagne memory in the comments below :)  *CLINK!* here to see some of the incredible pieces!
 ~When I was young I would always see my grand-father at the far end of his huge table, lighting up a cigare and popping a bottle of Champagne that would put stars into his eyes. I used to think those bottles were magnificent and magical because they used to lit up the eyes of my grand-father. Big white flowers were drawn on those green bottles. I admired them for hours. Then my grand-father felt sick and I never saw those bottles again, nor the stars into his eyes. One morning, the phone rang, it was to tell me my grand-father had died over night. When I got to his house, the first thing I saw on his table was a flute and a bottle of Perrier-Jouet. All my childhood memories came back all of a sudden. This Champagne is and will forever be linked to my grand-father. So when my best friend got her Wearing Memories piece a few days ago, I was at her place, and inside was a cap of Perrier-Jouet, I started crying right away, all those memories brought back to the surface overwhelming me with both joy and sadness.
 ~My boyfriend invited me in Milano for the millennium (I'm French, he's Australian) we were living in France. He bought a very good expensive bottle of Champagne for this special night, December 31st, 1999 ... And then at midnight during the fireworks he asked me to marry him ... I said yes and since then we are happy hubby & wife with 2 awesome kids, Meg 13 & Tom 10. This night in Milano is and will always be my most beautiful Champagne memory. 
 ~When I was 18, all my sister wanted for her engagement gift was a bottle of Bollinger! I worked extra shifts and saved up the $150 to buy her a bottle. I still remember the excitement when the cork popped and the joy of tasting that hard earned Champagne together. It was our very first sip of Champagne. She still has the cork and the bottle 13 years later and this ring would be perfect for that cork!
~How can I choose - I drank Champagne the day I got engaged, the day I got married, the day my children were born, the day I found out I had beaten cancer, the day we buried my sister, and my father and my grandmother, the day my daughter graduated.Every time I drink Champagne is a beautiful memory.
~My husband getting his PhD in Mining Engineering with a bottle of Champagne given to my uncle 30 years before when he got is mine managers certificate. The Moet we open afterwards tasted much better but the moment filled with history has been a precious family memory forever!
  ~Climbing to the top of the beautiful Mt Warning in Northern NSW in the dark early hours of the morning with flashlights to see the first light of the New Year shining over the Eastern coast of Australia and suprisingly celebrating and (gasp!) sharing in plastic cups our bottle of champs from our backpack with other Happy Hikers who had arrived up the top of the mountain before us!!
~My partner and I were in Paris. We bought a bottle of Cristal to see what all the fuss was about. Oh my god, it was the most delightful and sublime experience as the unbelivably light bubbles danced in my mouth. I knew then, exactly what all the fuss was about!
 Twitter: @ChampagneMemori  @WearingMemories
Facebook:  Wearing Memories

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Champagne Sister Show w/ Cristina Ziliani @BerlucchiWine!

We were bubbling over with delight to have the opportunity to chat with Cristina Ziliani, one of the proud family members responsible for bringing the delicious Berlucchi Fanciacorta to our flutes...let's tell you a bit about her:
*CLINK!* HERE to listen!

Cristina is part of the "first family" of Italian sparkling wine as her father, Franco Ziliani, was the original winemaker for company founder, Guido Berlucchi. In 1955, Franco made the first sparkling wine in the Franciacorta region and ultimately created the category of Franciacorta as the finest expression of Italian sparkling wine.
As Head of Communications and Public Relations, Cristina has been the voice for Berlucchi Franciacorta for the past 30 years – educating the world on how Franciacorta is Italy’s answer to Champagne.
Today Cristina leads the Company together with her brothers (Paolo and Arturo) and her still-active 82-year-old father Franco. Berlucchi Franciacorta currently produces a total of 4 million bottles per year, and is accredited as the first producer of DOCG Franciacorta bubbles.

We had a great time, hearing the story of Cristina growing up & she shares her memories of the harvest, her family & her experiences in the wine world.  We talk about social media & how a strong presence is so critical in today's market (they have over 34,000 facebook fans!) We talk about different pairings...yummmm...parma & she shares what she'd have have told herself at 21 :)  Also, as an FYI: the H in Berlucchi is silent! We had a truly lovely chat across the world, between California, Italy & Australia! Pour a fluteful & enjoy!

*CLINK!* HERE to listen!

 Find Cristina in her online home: Berlucchi Wine

Please view charity the Cristina is passionate about:

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

*CLINK, Chat & Catch Up!* with Beth Peterson @BethsTable!

We were giggling with glee to have the chance to *CLINK, Chat & Catch Up!* with Beth Peterson- The soul of an exuberant artist…The warmth of a laidback Midwesterner…The practicality of a busy mom...
  Home Entertaining Expert, Blogger, Mom of 3, Wife of 1, Friend to many & World Recipe Champion!
Let's tell you a bit about Beth:  
With an Italian mom who could whip together mouth-watering pasta and meatballs, Beth Peterson became a chaser of yummie dreams at a very early age. She launched Beth’s Table to share her love of entertaining through workshops, catering and consulting. With great zest, she’s also become a well-known food fighter, appearing in Fox’s MasterChef, Kraft’s Real Women of Philadelphia and the Sterling Wine Ultimate Host competition. Most recently, Beth was named the 2013 World Food Recipe Champion. Turns out she makes a fierce Italian-style mac & cheese. There are so many things on the horizon for this fast moving star & we were thrilled to hear all about 'em!

Beth tells us how her life has always involved entertaining, and how her family dynamic, plus her artistic temperament led her to explore her love for food.  Her unique opportunities to traverse the globe tasting food, experiencing new cultures and meeting lotsa people added to her desire to create events where people could come together, eat great food, enjoy each other, and leave feeling happy and hugged...
*CLINK!* HERE to listen!
Beth shares with us that food is "art for impatient people" (so true!), and that worry is a waste of time.(again, truth!) Her authentic, fun personality shines on the air, as well as in person.  We chat about how we met while she was trottin' 'round the country for CookOff Before Kickoff with Dr. BBQ...

the shenanigans she is plotting with her retro rad counterpart @Emily_Ellyn...
the adventures she has in store with @MapleLeafFarms & @MarianoMarkets,
her upcoming Chicago Gourmets event featuring Anne Willan, plus her epic series "Chef Unplugged", where Beth hosts one of her celebrity chefs. This next one features Ray Lampe A.K.A. Dr BBQ with a 5 course tour of the PorkChop!

*CLINK!* HERE to listen!

Beth gives a *CLINK!* to a charity that holds a special place in her heart, visit: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

And, stay tuned for the Yummie Nation experience that Beth will be bringing to *YOUR* table very soon...
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*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* features an interview with an inspirational people who are following their passion and dreams, and the story behind how they did it! *cork popping* Our goal here at the Bubbly Talk Radio Network is to give the people that listen to us a platform to spread the word on their passions, because after all, that is what we're all about! Want to nominate YOUR Champagne Sister or Champagne Mister for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Steven Diebold, Creator of @PapaStevesBars!

We were excited to *CLINK, Chat & Catch Up!* with Steven Diebold, Brand & Business Strategist  Consultant, Researcher, Speaker - and the creator of Papa Steve's No Junk Protein Bars!!!
Let's tell you a bit about Steven & why he is passionate about Papa Steve's No Junk Protein Bars, in his own words:

"My name is Steven Diebold, Founder/Owner of Papa Steve's No Junk Protein Bars. I grew up fat as a kid, was teased, bullied and picked on then got tired of it all and decided to lose all that weight by becoming an athlete. I've been working out for the past 28 years struggling with keeping it off, so I realized I needed a better way. I needed to balance my blood sugar throughout the day better and manage my hunger with a raw meal replacement or healthy high protein snack that didn't spike my blood sugar and cause insulin rush.

I wanted to feel good about eating and not worry about putting a bunch of processed junk or sugar laden syrups in my body everyday. I didn't want to spike my blood sugar. I wanted real raw food- not fake food.

I saw most protein bars are just disguised candy bars covered in chocolate with some protein thrown in. So I spent an enormous amount of time researching food science and nutrition, talking to dietitians, evaluating every single protein bar on the market to figure out what all these ingredients were on their packages. Then I decided to take my product development skills as a user experience designer and challenge myself to design and bring to market my own protein bar in 120days.

I started by setting up my kitchen as a science lab. I started reverse engineering other bars to see how they were made and why they used certain ingredients over others...

Papa Steve´s No Junk Raw Protein Bars use only best I could find while still keeping the price low. We only use fresh raw or natural nuts, seeds, fruit, whey and pea protein. Only natural sugars from the fruit, natural fruit and nut fibers and raw organic sweeteners have been used. Which means that you will be putting into your body the best foods for energy and recovery from workouts and sustained energy!"
Steven taught us many things in our short time together! We talked about raw foods, chemicals versus nature, what does "shelf stable" really mean, blood sugar, metabolism, snacking, working out, and so much more!

*CLINK!* HERE to listen!
Find Steven: Papa Steve's No Junk Protein Bars website
Steven's website

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*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* features an interview with an inspirational people who are following their passion and dreams, and the story behind how they did it! *cork popping* Our goal here at the Bubbly Talk Radio Network is to give the people that listen to us a platform to spread the word on their passions, because after all, that is what we're all about! Want to nominate YOUR Champagne Sister or Champagne Mister for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ @DrMindFitness Dr. Joseph Cardillo!

We were elated to *CLINK, Chat & Catch Up!* with Dr. Joseph Cardillo @DrMindFitness!!

Let's tell you a bit about Dr. Cardillo:

Dr. Joseph Cardillo, PhD, is a best-selling author in the fields of health, mind-body-spirit, and psychology. He is an expert in attention training and creative thinking and has taught more than 20,000 students in various colleges, universities and institutes. His books, The Five Seasons: Tap Into Nature's Secrets For Health, Happiness, and Harmony; Your Playlist Can Change Your Life; Can I Have Your Attention? How to Think Fast, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Concentration; Be Like Water; and Bow to Life, have inspired people of all ages worldwide. In addition, he co-writes books for Harvard Health Publications. Today, we were chatting about his latest:
The Five Seasons: Tap Into Nature's Secrets For Health, Happiness, and Harmony

*CLINK!* HERE to listen!

Dr. Cardillo taught us so much! He went through each of the seasons & talked about harnessing the right energy within them:

Spring: rising robust energy, create beginnnings, growth  
Summer: soars w/ abundance, highest peak of energy  
Late summer: roots, center of all, energy of self -awareness, core/soul
Autumn: time to let go, decline, slower, letting go, harvest  
Winter: dreaming, resting comfortably, creative, slowest, detached, introspective

He tells us his motto: Be Like Water & why it resonates with him.  He tells us how he found & followed his passion through paths of martial arts, philosophy, yoga, medical school, psychology, religion, and much more.

*CLINK!* HERE to listen!

We had such a fab time, that we ran out of airtime! Here are some extra questions we asked Dr. Cardillo & his answers:

BTR: Who inspires you? 
DR. C: All of Nature, The Universe, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Dalai Lama, as well as Western masters/icons of enlightenment,  Dr. Rosalind Franklin, Dr. Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and most people I have ever come in contact with. Of course, my family and I (including all the creatures in our lives) have inspired each other from before any of us was born.

BTR: Looking back, a piece of advice you'd give your 21 year old self? 
DR.C: Worry less, need only what is necessary, cultivate mind and allow other the same for others and if you do everything works out better than anyone can plan.

BTR: Charity that you support? 
DR. C: St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

BTR: Do you think social media has an impact on your book & engaging fans?
DR.C: I am new at social media and learning.  I think it has great potential.

*CLINK!* HERE to listen!
*CLINK!* Dr. Cardillo's website

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*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* features an interview with an inspirational people who are following their passion and dreams, and the story behind how they did it! *cork popping* Our goal here at the Bubbly Talk Radio Network is to give the people that listen to us a platform to spread the word on their passions, because after all, that is what we're all about! Want to nominate YOUR Champagne Sister or Champagne Mister for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

*CLINK!* Chat & Catch Up!* w/ Hervé Rousseau @ChampagneBar #FluteBar

Today we are elated to *CLINK!* Chat & Catch Up!* with Hervé Rousseau, owner & creator of Flute Bar in NYC & Paris, plus a true Champagne Mister!!  Let's tell you a bit about him:  Hervé is an entrepreneur. A true entrepreneur. 
 He arrived in New York for Rémy Cointreau with Heidsieck and Krug. He opened his first bar, Flûte Midtown at the age of 29, married a New-Yorker, Dacotah, and now lives between Manhattan and Brewster, Putnam County. 

Hervé kept his Parisian soul, offering in his bar a great selection of over a 100 Champagnes. A few years later he opened Flûte Gramercy and finally Flûte East, the very new addition, in November, co-owned by Fabien Auger. 
Hervé tells @ChampagneChat & @ASensationnElle how he found & followed his passion for Champagne, what he loves most about FluteBar, shares the inside scoop on *gasp* CHAMPAGNE SCHOOL!! (sign us up!!!) and how he & his Flute Bar team support @FoodBank4NYC every year through various events they host.  He also shares how social media has impacted his business & what is next in Flute's world domination!  *CLINK!* to you, Hervé!!  

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

#Champagne Birthdays! A Story by @ChampagneMemori

Champagne Pairing

It is a culinary delight to attend dinners where each course is paired with Champagne.  The idea of drinking Champagne with the entire meal is wonderful (of course!), but to have the Champagnes perfectly paired with beautiful tasting food just excites and awakens all my senses.

Each year on the 16th December, I love to celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday. I love her stories, for me they are such an escape. It is not simply about the dashingly handsome men or the genteel women. It is the whole experience. I romanticize about the regency age, however, would never want to live in that time. I can’t imagine life without my iphone. ;)

So on Jane Austen’s birthday each year, I would gather my friends, to drink Champagne and read quotes. My Champagne of choice was always Veuve Cliquot because on the bottle I saw the year 1772 and as Jane Austen was born in 1775, I thought that it was lovely to drink from a Champagne house of the same time.

As my love for Champagne grew and grew, I looked further into the history of the various house. I happen to discover one day that Madame Clicquot was born on the 16th December, 1777! Absolutely speechless and all my body shaking, I immediately popped a bottle of Veuve and grabbed Persuasion (my favorite novel) and began to read and drink and enjoy the artistry of two amazing women. As you may have guessed, all my senses were awakened and bubbling.

So, now on the 16th December every year I gather my friends to quote Jane Austen and drink to the widow Clicquot. Two women in history from different countries with different natural talents and perfectly matched!  I need no longer wait for that one day in the year to enjoy this wonderful combination, for this perfect pairing should be enjoyed often!

Happy Birthday, ladies!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!* w/ @LABrunchers Kate Roland & Leah Smith!

We had SO MUCH FUN on *CLINK, Chat & Catch Up!* with Leah Smith & Kate Roland @LABrunchers!! Just look at how adorable these gals are:
Let them tell you a bit about themselves:
We are Kate and Leah, LA's premier brunch authorities. You'll find us energetically bringing the Los Angeles community together one brunch at a time. We strive to personally experience the restaurants featured and create relationships with owners, chefs and our fellow brunchers. We are supportive of restaurants with integrity, highlighting farm fresh ingredients and locally sourced items. Restaurants featured on LA Brunchers have been “LA Brunchers Approved” by our very own “Rooster Rating” system. True to our mission, only brunches with Rooster Ratings of three and above are listed on our main guide pages.

We laughed (ALOT) & talked about our mutual love of #Brunch & #Bubbly! (talk about having great things in common!!)  The girls share how they found & followed their passion, why the LOOOOVE brunnch, how social media has has an impact on their brand and more.  We yap about grower Champagne & how it is coming to the forefront *YAY!*  We discuss who inspires & influences them in their day to day brunch ops.  We also talk about their support of Dress for Success, an amazing foundation that helps disadvantaged women enter the workforce via mock interviews, training, and of course outfitting them with the perfect power suit and accessories!- (*CLINK!* HERE for their upcoming events!)

Then, we talk about brunch more.  And Champagne some more.  Also, there is this:
from the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, which may actually qualify as one of the best pictures ever taken!  You listening Veuve Clicquot? Be sure to keep up with these gals, they are taking over the word, one brunch at a time!

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*Clink, Chat & Catch Up!*  features an interview with an inspirational people who are following their passion and dreams, and the story behind how they did it! *cork popping* Our goal here at the Bubbly Talk Radio Network is to give the people that listen to us a platform to spread the word on their passions, because after all, that is what we're all about! Want to nominate YOUR Champagne Sister or Champagne Mister for an interview? *CLINK!* here & tell us about 'em!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Flute Enthusiast! Episode #7: #Champagne #LOVE Stories

In this episode of The Flute Enthusiast, the ladies taste & talk about Champagne Love Stories!

They laugh & *pop corks* through stories of Canard-Duchene, the Widow Veuve Clicquot, Jane Austin, and Bollinger.  

 And as a special treat, the ladies created a sabrage video!

*CLINK!* HERE to watch!

 Here’s how it goes: our Champagne Sister & Bubbly Enthusiast Kiron, known on twitter as @ChampagneMemori along with her Champagne loving partner in bubbles Amanda AKA @TheTruffleLady, *POP the cork* on 3 bottles of Grower Champagne & share descriptions, insight, flavor profiles, look of the bubbles, sparkle, scent, food pairings & more with us!

*CLINK!* HERE to listen!

Kiron, our Flute Enthusiast is a Champagne Lover: All her senses are awakened by the feel, smell, taste and sound of happiness found in the bottle of Bubbly. She is the designer of Champagne Jewellery Wearing Memories...the sound of happiness.

Amanda & her family own The Truffle Man OZ, a business specializing in grower/small champagne brands, gourmet accoutrements & pairing suggestions for each kind of champagne, so Amanda is a perfect addition to our Champagne Sisterhood. She loves sharing her passion with the readers of her blog My Champagne Daze and hopes to bring a love and understanding of this great drink to everyone!!

*CLINK HERE* for Episode #6 Blanc de Noir Champagne!